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This product is the pinnacle of taste sensation. Seventeen fruit flavors and that signature cola taste blend to form the perfect refreshing soft drink. With its new Strontium additive, it's got that unique kick to keep you on your toes.Milo

Nuka-Cola Quantum is a consumable item in Fallout 3.


Nuka-Cola Quantum was introduced in the fourth quarter of 2077, as a brand-new flavor of Nuka-Cola, with twice the calories, twice the carbohydrates, twice the caffeine and twice the taste.[1][2] It was developed under the code name "Sea Lion."[3] Nuka-Cola Quantum was officially released to the public just as the Great War occurred, and so it is found less frequently than other variants.


Drinking a Nuka-Cola Quantum will increase one's Action Points by 20 for 4 minutes and radiation by 10. Mixed in a tin can with Abraxo cleaner and turpentine, it creates a Nuka-grenade, which is much more powerful than normal grenades. Nuka-Cola addict and fanatic Sierra Petrovita has created a recipe in which mixing Nuka-Cola Quantum with flour and vodka makes a delicious pastry.



There are 94 bottles found in the base game and 14 additional bottles included with the add-ons; a total of 108 bottles. See the table below for a full list of locations. Bottles found in vending machines are random and are not included in this list. Bottles sold through a specific random encounter merchant are also not included.

Closest map marker Quantity Description
Alexandria Arms 1 There's one in a locked room on the second floor, near a terminal and a counter with two ammunition boxes and a pre-War book.
Anchorage Memorial 1 Enter the service entrance at the southeast side of the memorial, take a left and then go to the end of the hall where there is a utility door; the Nuka-Cola Quantum is in that room, the Memorial service entrance utility closet. A Repair skill of 95 or higher is required to enter it.
Andale 1 In an overturned trailer under a highway north of Andale.
AntAgonizer's lair 1 One next to the AntAgonizer's throne. Don't use the main entrance here, just use the sewer system on top of the hill to get straight to the throne room.
Arefu 1 East of Arefu is a small wooden dock. Next to the dock is a wooden pole sticking out of the water. The Nuka-Cola Quantum is sitting on top of the pole.
Arlington Library 1 In the Media Archives: in a room on the top floor with two computer terminals, one of which controls a safe. The bottle is on a small round table in the corner, hidden by a wood crate and can be quite difficult to see.
Bethesda ruins 1 In the Underworks, on a shelf in a small room near the manhole entrance. There is also a mini nuke in a box next to it.
Charnel House 1 In a scavenger's house north of Charnel House. Located behind the bed in a crate.
Chaste Acres Dairy Farm 6 One is to the south inside the bathtub in the irradiated outhouse. Five are just west of the dairy farm in the back of a crashed Nuka-Cola truck near an unmarked gas station. This is the truck that was delivering the shipment from the Nuka-Cola plant.
Chryslus Building 2 One is inside the building in a small room filled with debris (in the bottom right corner of the local map) in a crate under a desk on the first floor. The other is at the end of a destroyed highway bridge halfway between the Chryslus Building and the Corvega Factory (approach from the South between the City Liner bus and the Corvega billboard).
Cliffside cavern 1 In the second cavern, on a table to the right.
Deathclaw sanctuary 1 Near the Endurance bobblehead.
Dukov's Place 1 Up the stairs, in the bedroom, behind the bed on a shelf. Must be stolen.
Dunwich Building 1 In a small room down the hall and to the right.
Evergreen Mills 1 In the bazaar. It's behind the first bar on the right, inside a box with empty soda bottles.
Flooded metro 2 One is on a table in the raider camp that is southeast of the metro station. The other is sitting on a gun cabinet inside the metro station, in the same room as The Shocker.
Foggy Bottom station 1 Walking from the DCTA tunnel 014-B Potomac entrance, take the first left into the small area between the tracks where it can be found, along with a few raiders. It is located behind the gate next to the table and machinery.
Fort Bannister 1 In the Commanding Officer's Quarters, in the same room as Commander Jabsco. At the bottom of the stairs, underneath the second-to-final flight.
Fort Constantine 1 CO Quarters: in the room on the right (the kitchen area).
Fort Independence 1 There's a Quantum sitting on a table in a room with a number of sleeping Outcast soldiers (same room as the Stealth Boy).
Franklin Metro utility 1 Next to the Burnmaster.
Georgetown West 1 In a Pulowski Preservation shelter to the left of the Grocer (which is to the left of the Radiation King).
Germantown police HQ 1 In a closet attached to the kitchen where Shorty is being held, in the southwest corner of the basement, behind a metal box.
Ghoul outpost 1 In the back room, in front of the cell with the super mutant.
Greener Pastures Disposal Site 1 In the office, same location as the Bobblehead - Agility.
Hamilton's hideaway 1 In a crate on a desk towards the back of the cave; there will be two raiders near the bottle listening to Galaxy News Radio.
Hubris Comics 1 Near the Foreman's room, next to the terminal controlling the turrets.
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal 2 One is on a desk in the eastern office. The other is northwest of the waste disposal, lying on the ground next to a wrecked Nuka-Cola truck and trailer.
Jocko's Pop & Gas stop 1 There is one in the shop, on a shelf behind the cash register.
Jury Street Metro station 1 In the metro station, in Ryan Brigg's room.
L.O.B. Enterprises 1 After entering the L.O.B. Enterprises building, take a right and then take the hallway left. Keep going west-northwest and there will eventually be a room with a set of stairs going down. Across the stairs (don't actually go down the stairs, just look across), there will be a Nuka-Cola Quantum on a shelf. Closest map marker is Falls Church.
La Maison Beauregard 1 One bottle on the second floor, near the radio.
Lincoln Memorial 1 Go inside the maintenance room, take a right, then look right; and it's on a shelf.
Lucky's 1 There is one in a wrecked display case, it needs to be stolen. The closest marker is Warrington station.
Mama Dolce's 1 On the highest floor, on a desk with an active terminal in a room in the northeast corner containing a first aid box, a broken door and a Nuka-Cola vending machine.
Marigold station 1 Inside the metro station, behind the terminal in the Queen ant's hatchery.
MDPL mass relay station 1 In the safe with a very hard lock. The terminal (very hard) on the desk can be hacked to open the lock as well.
MDPL-13 power station 1 On the workbench as soon as entering the power substation, directly west of the entrance to the main plant. There is also a schematic for the railway rifle.
MDPL-16 power station 1 On the workbench.
Minefield 2 Southwest of Minefield is a power sub-station surrounded by a fence with an easy locked gate. One Quantum is on a girder above the sub-station. It has to be shot down from the beam and the locked gate must be picked to get it. Another Quantum is under a nearby power transmission tower across the road to the south. Also under the tower is a BB gun and some ammunition, which is useful as the low power of the BB gun will not send the bottle flying randomly, where it may be lost.
Mirelurk nesting hole 1 At the hatching site protected by a mirelurk king at the end, in a nook next to the girders and above some concrete slabs.
Murder Pass 1 Between Lamplight caverns and Vault 87 on a metal shelf.
Museum of History 1 Lower Halls, First Floor: One in a box under a table, next to two Nuka-Cola machines.
Museum of Technology 1 Inside the Planetarium maintenance room.
National Guard depot 1 Bunker: underneath the table with the experimental MIRV.
Nuka-Cola plant 4 One is located in one of the trucks behind the plant. Three more are at the production line. The machinery must be started by activating it at a computer located in the room next to the production line.
Oasis 1 Near where Harold's heart is found, there is a door to a damp cave. Inside the cave is a mirelurk king, mirelurk hunter and a mirelurk. The Quantum is down where the mirelurk king is.
Olney sewers 1 In a room with some bedding. The room is located directly southwest of the lower Old Olney exit on the local map. After entering the sewers, the door leading to this room is to the left. Heading to the right will only lead to a large number of deathclaws.
Paradise Falls 5 In Eulogy Jones' pad. Head towards the stairwell, but go into the space next to the stairs and there will be several crates with Nuka-Cola Quantum. There are 5 bottles in all.
Potomac 1 In the water due east of the Springvale school map marker. It is below a section of intact highway in the middle of the river with a blue car teetering out over the edge of it. The Quantum is in the water directly below the car. It will often float to the surface with empty and full bottles of Nuka-Cola when approached.
Red Racer factory 1 Very top floor CEO offices, the Surgeon's room. Inside the small room that is lit up in red and has Stefan locked in it.
Regulator HQ 1 In the back room in an open locker (only available with the Lawbringer perk).
Republic of Dave 1 In Dave's room on top of Dave's personal safe (must be stolen).
Rockbreaker's Last Gas 1 In the fenced area, on top of a Nuka-Cola machine.
Rock Creek caverns 1 In a wooden crate at B on the local map image. To get to it, walk up the fallen stalactite at A, which rests at an angle against a wall in the first and largest chamber of Rock Creek caverns. At its tip, jump up to where some mushrooms are located. Hugging the wall, walk on the skinny ledge around to B.
Roosevelt Academy 1 In the library, on the eastern-most side of Roosevelt Academy: After walking in, there's a Nuka-Cola Quantum to the left on a desk. This requires a lock pick skill of 100 in order to gain entry. There is also an underground maintenance route one can use to gain access to the Roosevelt Library. This route can be accessed through either Roosevelt Academy or the Athletics Hall.
Satcom Array NN-03d 2 One is on the roof of an unmarked Outcast shack that is southwest of the array. Another is in the abandoned tent that is south of the array.
Seward Sq. Northwest 1 Go into Capitol Building East entrance, go left, there is a bottle by the coffee maker in the first room.
Sewer waystation 2 One is sitting in an open fridge right inside the waystation and the other one is in Gallo's room inside the County sewer mainline.
Smith Casey's garage 1 Inside the garage.
Springvale Elementary 1 On top of the giant cage just inside the main entrance (from Vault 101, head northeast and the main entrance is along the road facing west). Upon entry, there is a massive square cage. The bottle is on the far top edge and can either be shot down, obtained by walking around until upstairs and jumping across, or by going to the side of the cage the bottle is on and grabbing it while jumping.
Statesman Hotel 1 In the restaurant, on the third floor (the level with the door to the roof) in the large bar area. It is located in a crate under the bar.
Super-Duper Mart 3 In the pharmacy (the room with the Protectron) there are some boxes containing Nuka-Cola, the 3 Quantums among them. The lock to the pharmacy can be picked or opened with the key found in the Mart.
Taft Tunnel 1 Sitting on a picnic bench, next to a generator with a board on top of it.
Takoma Industrial 1 Go inside the factory using the southwestern door. Once inside, head up the stairs to the left. There are wooden planks on the other side of the railing. Jump over the railing, onto the wooden planks and then onto the small ledge down below. There is a Nuka-Cola Quantum on the other side of the generator.
Tenleytown/Friendship station 1 There is one sitting on top of a bench upstairs in the big room with the bonfire.
VAPL-58 power station 2 Inside the power station on the workbench. In a makeshift shed by the billboard southeast of the power station.
Vault 87 1 Not to be confused with the bottle found in Murder Pass, another is located in one of the Vault's storage rooms, before encountering Fawkes.
Vault 92 1 In the living quarters passed the male dorm rooms. It is visible from the hall through a window.
Vault 108 1 Entrance floor, in a small storage room adjacent to the malfunctioning generator. Behind several yellow metal crates is a metal ladder, the bottle is on top of the ladder.
Vault-Tec headquarters 1 On the second floor in the Vault-Tec Corporate Offices, on a shelf on the northern section of the map.
Vernon Square East 1 On a shelf at the westernmost point inside the Vernon East/Takoma Park metro station.
Warrington station 1 In Roy Phillips' room, between a couple of metal boxes on the floor.
Yao guai tunnels 1 Enter the tunnel and go straight until reaching the 4-way intersection. Turn left at the intersection. It is sitting on a table, easily seen. A radio is tuned to GNR nearby.
Abandoned apartments The Pitt (add-on) 3 The door to the abandoned apartments is across the road from Haven. In one of the rooms, there is a Nuka-Cola Quantum on the counter in plain sight. Under this counter is another. The third is at the only place on the third floor that is accessible (NW corner of the building).
Adams Air Force Base Broken Steel 2 One is in the air control tower. After opening the ramp in the top chamber, go left and then look underneath the second desk to the left. Another can be found in the storage facility on a table next to two mini nukes.
Museum Authority Building Broken Steel 1 In a toilet tank in the women's restroom.
Old Olney underground Broken Steel 1 In the stone basement is a locked cell door. Inside is a bottle of Quantum, along with some ammunition boxes.
Presidential metro Broken Steel 1 After clearing out the ghouls M.A.R.Go.T. warns about, it is in a room down the right of the tracks. "Equipment room" is written next to the door.
Calvert Mansion Point Lookout (add-on) 1 In the panic room, on a shelf to the left along with 4 other Nuka-Colas. These colas have been made miniature to fit on the shelf.
Flooded sinkhole Point Lookout (add-on) 2 Floating in the water, among other debris.
Ritual site Point Lookout (add-on) 1 Hidden in an open casket in the northernmost part of the caves.
Trapper's shack Point Lookout (add-on) 1 Basement, in the swamplurk enclosure.
Engineering core Mothership Zeta (add-on) 3 1 appears in a box with some alien power cells after returning to the engineering core. The other two appear in a box behind a generator after returning once more to the engineering core.

Random spawns

  • In addition, there is a random encounter on the map in which a traveling salesman will offer to sell a Quantum for 100 caps (or 50 if a speech check or barter check is passed). This can repeat, but he will only sell one Quantum per encounter.
  • Random spawns can also be found in Nuka-Cola vending machines. When accessing one of the 178 vending machines scattered indoors and outdoors throughout the Wasteland, there is approximately a 10% random chance of finding a Nuka-Cola Quantum. The contents of a Nuka-Cola vending machine load the first time one enters a cell and never reset. Some locations have more than one vending machine, reducing the percentage chance further.
  • With the Quantum Chemist perk added by the Broken Steel add-on, every 10 normal (not ice cold) Nuka-Colas that one has in their inventory automatically become one bottle of Quantum. Since Nuka-Cola respawns in several shops with this perk the Quantum count is raised from approximately 211 to an infinite amount.


  • After completing The Nuka-Cola Challenge, if you return to Sierra with 1 Nuka-Cola Quantum, 1 flour and 1 vodka, she can make you a Mississippi Quantum pie. It grants you 20 points to your AP, -1 to your IN and +1 to your ST.
  • Ronald Laren describes the taste of Quantum as "Drinking a Nuka-Cola, then downing a fistful of sugar, and punching yourself in the head."
  • You can get addicted to Nuka-Cola Quantum, unlike regular Nuka-Cola. This is hinted at by some of Sierra Petrovita's dialogue. The addiction chance is 10%.
  • The Nuka-Cola Quantum in Desmond's panic room and the Quantum in the trapper's shack are both half-sized.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum will never get "ice cold" by being stored in your pristine Nuka-Cola machine.
  • Both Ronald Laren and Sierra Petrovita mention that consumption of Nuka-Cola Quantum will cause one's urine to glow and if you complete The Nuka-Cola Challenge, Three Dog will also comment about these effects on Galaxy News Radio.
  • In the Point Lookout add-on, Nuka-Cola Quantums appear during the hallucination in the sacred bog. They are found either falling from the sky or rising from the swamp water. When the Lone Wanderer approaches them, they explode and make baby sounds.
  • For PC players running either on lower-end computers or those who have turned down effects due to FO3 crashing, the rendering of the blue glow of Nuka-Cola Quantum is not clear unless HDR is on. There are a few ways around this:
    • By looking at the label on the bottle; the regular Nuka-Cola bottle's label is red and its emblem is styled to look like that of a Coca-Cola bottle. The Quantum's label, on the other hand, is brown, although it takes close observation to tell the difference (see the comparison picture in the infobox).
    • Simply move the crosshairs over the bottle and see if the "Take" option reads "Take Nuka-Cola Quantum".
    • Nuka-Cola Quantum's bottle cap is red while regular Nuka-Cola's bottle cap is rusty.

Behind the scenes

Nuka-Cola Quantum's proposed slogan "Take the leap... enjoy a Quantum!" is a pun dealing with the scientific term "quantum leap", which refers to a scientific phenomenon.



  1. World of Refreshment tour: "Welcome to the Nuka-Cola World of Refreshment, now featuring a river of Nuka-Cola Quantum! Nuka-Cola Quantum: Twice the calories, twice the carbohydrates, twice the caffeine, and twice the taste! And just look at that amazing, patented blue glow! So sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you through the Nuka-Cola World of Refreshment!"
    (World of Refreshment announcer's dialogue)
  2. Milo: "This product is the pinnacle of taste sensation. Seventeen fruit flavors and that signature cola taste blend to form the perfect refreshing soft drink. With its new Strontium additive, its got that unique kick to keep you on your toes."
    (Milo's dialogue)
  3. Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant terminal entries; Current Project Status, Sea Lion