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Nuka-Cola Cranberry was a Nuka-Cola variant produced before the Great War.


Conceptualized by the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant, the idea for the drink came from celery-flavored sparkling waters, as well as mixing artificial flavors, package design and marketing to trick people into thinking it had health benefits.[1] Like many of the fruit variants of Nuka-Cola, this one would predominantly feature cranberries.[2] Although predominantly advertised around the Watoga area of Appalachia as "coming soon," some quantities can be found throughout the region.


When consumed, Nuka-Cola Cranberry provides a temporary bonus to XP gained, as well as restoring 40 Hit Points.


  • Can be found in the trailer at the ammo dump.
  • Can be found on a command center in Belching Betty.
  • Can be found on the stairs over the front porch at Clancy Manor.
  • Can be found in the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant, on a shelf in the taste testing area, as well as behind a piece of mainframe in the corner of an observation booth on the western end of the plant, accessed through a hatch on the roof with a level 3 lock.
  • Can be found at Moth-Home, sitting in a bureau on the south side of the location.
  • Can be found at Sacrament, in an opened wooden crate below the long platform.
  • Can be found in a cabin near the scenic overlook.
  • Can be found inside a fridge at The Sludge Works, on top of a modified trailer, near a weapons workbench, on the roof.
  • Can be found in a small shack in the Spruce Knob Channels.
  • Can spawn in an unmarked information booth on the road between Ripper Alley and Emmett Mountain disposal site, in the Nuka-Cola machine.
  • Can spawn in an unmarked location immediately north of The Whitespring Station, in a traincar, on a rolling table lower shelf.


Nuka-Cola Cranberry appears in Fallout 76. Previously only mentioned in-game, it was first introduced as an item in the Wastelanders update.