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Nuka-Cola Cranberry was a Nuka-Cola variant that had a limited release before the Great War.


Conceptualized by the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant, the idea for the drink came from celery-flavored sparkling waters, as well as mixing artificial flavors, package design and marketing to trick people into thinking it had health benefits.[1]

It was heavily advertised around the Watoga area of Appalachia as "coming soon." Nuka-Cola Cranberry was likely a regional flavor for Appalachia and did have some form of release before the war occurred.[2]

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According to a bugged holotape, after data gathering, cranberries were determined to become the first in the potential line of "snack beverages," using surplus cranberry supplies from Raleigh County as a primary source. The eventual plan was to use marketing tactics to present it as a premium lifestyle brand for the rich and meant for those who had refined palates and a taste for high-quality products.[3]

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When consumed, Nuka-Cola Cranberry provides a temporary bonus to XP gained, as well as restoring 40 Hit Points.



Nuka-Cola Cranberry is mentioned in Fallout 76, and was introduced in the Wastelanders update.



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