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Nuka-Cide is a soft drink in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Nuka-Cide is a Nuka-Cola beverage produced by mixing all of the commercially available flavors together at a Nuka-mixer station. This drink restores 1200 Hit Points, 300 Action Points, temporarily increases maximum AP by 20, temporarily increases maximum HP by 50, temporarily increases Radiation Resistance by 35 and temporarily increases carry weight by 35. Its effects can be increased further by having it chilled by Buddy, producing ice cold Nuka-Cide.


The recipe can be found at Nuka-Town USA's Cappy's Cafe, on the counter in the back of the cafe.

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It can be crafted at any Nuka-mixer station.


Unlike some of the other Nuka-Cola drinks, Nuka-Cide effects do not benefit from the Chemist perk.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Suicide" is a colloquial term for the mixture of all available soft drinks at a multi-flavor soda dispenser into a single cup. The suffix of "-Cide" and the Nuka-Cide's inclusion of every base Nuka-Cola variety into its ingredient list is possibly a reference to this practice and its resulting hybrid drink.


PCIcon pc Collecting the Wasteland Survival Guide from Egret Tours Marina will reduce the amount of health restored to 100 instead of increasing it.[verified]

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