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For the consumable in Fallout 4, see Nuka-Cherry.
For an overview of Nuka-Cola, see Nuka-Cola.

Nuka-Cherry is a variant of Nuka-Cola and a soft drink in Fallout 76.


Nuka-Cherry was originally the product of Merle Haverston, branded as Merle's Very Cherry Soda, prior to being acquired by the Nuka-Cola Corporation. After acquiring the patent, Nuka-Cola Corp. rebranded it as Nuka-Cherry and changed the flavor profile to that of a Nuka-Cola and cherry mixture along with adding coloring to boost its visual appeal to consumers.

Sometime before the Great War, The Nuka-Cola Corporation introduced its own cherry-flavored soft drink, branded simply as Nuka-Cola Cherry. However, unlike the Nuka-Cherry beverages distributed in the Boston and Appalachia areas, this other cherry-flavored soda proved highly unsuccessful.


Nuka-Cherry is a pre-War soft drink found across Appalachia. It is the more uncommon version of the regular Nuka-Cola but more common than the Quantum variant. Nuka-Cherry shares the same look as the other bottles of Nuka-Cola but adds a distinctive logo, a bright red color to it, and a cherry flavoring. Upon consumption, Nuka-Cherry restores 100 Hit Points, 25 Action Points, but deals 4 points of Radiation damage.


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