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Not all of the attractions at Nuka-World were rides. The Nuka-Cade here boasted dozens of exciting games of skill for the whole family to enjoy.Sierra Petrovita

The Nuka-Cade is an unmarked location in the Nuka-World Amusement Park and is a part of Nuka-Town USA in 2287.


The Nuka-Cade is an arcade-hall featuring different kinds of arcade games. There are five different kinds of playable games in the Nuka-Cade that require Nuka-Cade tokens to function: Hoop Shot, Atomic Rollers, Whac-a-Commie, Bandit Roundup and Nuka-Zapper Race. The arcade game-winners are awarded Nuka-Cade tickets that can be redeemed for prizes. The prize selection rotates around every few days and prizes range from souvenirs to power armor. Weapons received from the prize machine can have legendary effects.


The Nuka-Cade consists of a large building divided into several rooms. The Sole Survivor enters into a reception area with two token dispensers that dispense Nuka-Cade tokens in exchange for pre-War money, and a desk with a first aid kit beneath it. Down the stairs in this area is the prize terminal where tickets may be redeemed and then spent using the available menus.

The northern room contains the Bandit Roundup game, the southern room contains the Nuka-Zapper Race, the northeast room contains seven stations for Whac-a-Commie and five stations for Hoop Shot. In the southeast room, there is one station for Whac-A-Commie and five stations for Atomic Rollers, as well as an employees-only door that leads into a generator room with a fusion core and a weapons workbench. Fritsch waits in the reception area of the Nuka-Cade. He will help start the Amoral Combat quests in addition to acting as a merchant.

Ticket output

Below are the average Nuka-Cade tickets the player character will receive from a minute of play at each machine if played perfectly. This means hitting the red menace at least once each time it pops up, making at least sixty hoops in a game of Hoop Shot, finishing Atomic Rollers quickly with a perfect score of 7000, not missing any targets in an average game of Bandit Roundup and winning Nuka-Zapper as quickly as possible. Bandit Roundup gives the most tickets and Whac-A-Commie gives the least.

Notable loot

Nuka-Cade prize terminal rewards

There are five prize levels and there are at most eight items available at the same time for each level. Each item can only be bought once but there can be several copies of the same item available, e.g. three Nuka-Cola Dark in the level 5 prize list.

The list of prizes changes every few days and the stocks are replenished. On top of the list below, the terminal also proposes to redeem various weapons, armor parts and power armor parts for the prize levels 4 and 5. Armor parts and weapons redeemed through the terminal have a high chance of having a legendary effect. Those items often cost more than 10,000 tickets and sometimes are upwards of 20,000 tickets.

# of tickets Prize Prize level
50 tickets Paddle ball string 1
50 tickets Souvenir coffee cup 1
50 tickets Souvenir drinking glass 1
50 tickets Souvenir plate 1
100 tickets Souvenir plastic bowl 1
150 tickets Souvenir magnet badge 1, 2
150 tickets Souvenir magnet cat 1, 2
150 tickets Souvenir magnet cow 1, 2
150 tickets Souvenir magnet flower 1, 2
150 tickets Souvenir magnet frog 1, 2
150 tickets Souvenir sloth toy 1, 2
150 tickets Souvenir teddy bear 1, 2
250 tickets Souvenir toy car 2, 3
500 tickets Paddle ball 3
750 tickets Pack feather necklace 3
1000 tickets Nuka-Cola Orange 3, 4
1000 tickets Nuka-Cola Wild 3, 4
1000 tickets Nuka-Grape 3
1250 tickets Missile 3
1500 tickets Pipe wrench 4
1600 tickets Pipe revolver 4
2000 tickets Disciples wrapped left leg 4
2000 tickets Pack left bracer 5
2000 tickets Pack right bracer 5
2000 tickets Nuka-Cola Quartz 3, 4
2000 tickets Nuka-Cola Victory 3, 4
2000 tickets Operators Left Arm 4
2000 tickets Operators Left Armband 4
2000 tickets Rad-X 3
2500 tickets Daddy-O 4
2500 tickets Mentats 4
2500 tickets Nuka-Cola Dark 4, 5
2500 tickets Raider Power Helm 4
2500 tickets Revolutionary Sword 5
2750 tickets Overdrive 5
3000 tickets Jet Fuel 5
3000 tickets X-cell 5
3250 tickets Metal left leg 5
3750 tickets Bufftats 5
3750 tickets Pack stuffed chest piece 5
3750 tickets Operators chest piece 5
4350 tickets Combat shotgun 4
5000 tickets Calmex 5
5000 tickets Mini nuke 5
5850 tickets Disciples Strapped Chest Piece 5
6250 tickets Acid Soaker 5
7200 tickets Assault rifle 5
7250 tickets Combat armor right arm 5
7250 tickets Disciples armored skirt 5
8150 tickets Pipe wrench 5
10000 tickets Disciples strapped right leg 5
10100 tickets Assault rifle 5
10650 tickets Plasma rifle 5
11500 tickets 10mm pistol 5
12350 tickets 10mm pistol 5
12500 tickets Chinese officer sword + random Legendary 5
15300 tickets Laser gun + random Legendary 5
16450 tickets Laser gun + random Legendary 5
21600 tickets Combat rifle + random Legendary 5
21650 tickets .44 pistol + random Legendary 5
22250 tickets Assault rifle + random Legendary 5
27200 tickets Steadfast Assault rifle 5
28200 tickets Assault rifle + random Legendary 5


A book return terminal can be seen behind the wall of the prize redemption area if using tcl console command. While usable, it serves no purpose and has only junk items.


The Nuka-Cade appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One When redeeming a large item, such as a power armor chest piece, from the terminal, it is possible that the item can get stuck inside the mouth of the Cappy, making the piece of armor unobtainable.
    • PC users can use the tcl console command to grab the prize if it gets stuck.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One It is possible to be stuck in a loop of being 'pulled' into viewing the terminal if you repeatedly select it before the animation actually happens. This can be stopped with a simple reload of your quicksave/save. [verified]