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The Nucleus Command Center is a location on the Island in 2287.


Mount Desert Island Naval Facility has a control room or "brain" of the facility. It is likely Arnold Wabash, captain of the USS Democracy, used this place to receive orders for his ship. When DiMA found the facility, he hid his memories in one of the control consoles out of guilt. As the Children now control the base, they know not to enter this part of the facility due to its inherent danger.


Upon entering the command center from The Nucleus, the Sole Survivor will enter into a hallway with red alert lights flashing. The hall ahead will have numerous laser tripwires that move vertically along the wall. There is a room to the right of the entrance which leads to a utility tunnel and a dead-end room with some junk loot and a weapons bench.

After the first hall with the lasers, they will enter a rocky tunnel with a turret on the wall at the bend. As the tunnel turns left, there is another turret on the wall ahead as well as a Mr. Gutsy. This area also contains some barracks rooms to the left and a facilities announcement terminal.

Another rocky tunnel leads beyond the barracks into a kitchen area containing at least one Protectron on patrol. Proceeding past the kitchen/cafeteria area and up the stairs will lead through a long tunnel, the end of which contains multiple leveled robots & two wall-mounted turrets. At that point, the player character will find a security gate with a terminal on one side and a door on the other side leading back to The Nucleus. The room also has a trunk in the corner.

Opening the security gate will grant access to the terminal needed for Best Left Forgotten. Before the terminal can be used, the player character must activate the circuit breaker on the back wall of the fenced in area. Doing so will sound an alarm and release a hostile Assaultron from behind the metal door.


The Nucleus Command Center appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.