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Attention citizens. Nuclear strike imminent. Please exit the area at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your cooperation.

A nuclear missile[1] is a world object in Fallout 76.


A long-range nuclear weapon, operated via the Appalachian Automated Launch System. Stored underground in three locations in Appalachia, including Site Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Vault Dwellers can utilize these weapons against various threats as part of public events such as A Colossal Problem and Scorched Earth.

After completing Mission: Countdown in any of the three nuclear silos, player characters can insert a nuclear keycard and enter launch codes which grant access to the targeting computer. They can then target a location on a military-style version of the map to fire the missile, creating a blast zone, and triggering the quest Death from Above.

Staging and detonation

Before the nuclear missile is launched, a broadcast warning alerts the entire server that a nuclear strike is imminent, and a siren sounds. After the announcement, 30 seconds will elapse before an explosion can be seen at the site of the silo, as the hatch opens and the nuclear missile emerges. Initially intact, the missile's staging can be observed from the ground, where exhausted portions of the missile are discarded during the ascent.

From launch to detonation is three minutes. The target and blast zone area can be seen on the map by way of a large red circle. Similar to the staging process, the detonation can be observed as well. The incoming nuclear missile can be seen dropping toward the target space and an auditory cue can be heard before impact. A subsequent white light occurs, followed by resulting destruction.[2]


Behind the scenes

The symbol on the nif render is that of the real world United States Air Force.


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