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Nuclear Don's Custom Chem Blend is a consumable item in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


It looks identical to Psycho. It is found in a yellow-tipped syringe that has 2 cylinders attached to it via a brown strap. Johnny Weston offers for the player character to steal it from a slave, Nuclear Don, during the quest The Ol' Weston Shuffle as a way to gain an advantage during one of the arena battles. The obtaining and usage of the chem is optional.


The chem is found in Nuclear Don's locker in the Watoga Civic Center locker room during the quest The Ol' Weston Shuffle.


  • Since the chem is a quest item, it will be taken from the player's inventory at the end of the quest if they decide not to use it.
  • Only one copy of this chem exists in the game.
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