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Doctor Nowak was the ship's specialist onboard the United States Space Administration's Deep Sleep mission.


Dr. Nowak served as the specialist onboard Commander Sofia Daguerre's spaceship, described as someone who "always seemed distracted."[1] She was betrayed by the program's directorate, along with Dr. Bernard and Dr. Lee, and forced to participate in the Project Z experiment as Phase III of the program.[2] All three doctors died when the spaceship crash-landed in Appalachia in 2103, though Commander Daguerre survived due to her pod being located in the main escape capsule. The doctors' dog tags can be found in the ship's wreckage in Welch during Hope Remains.


Doctor Nowak is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


  1. Vault Dweller:"Do you want to talk about your crew?"
    Sofia Daguerre: "Sure... maybe that will help with the pain. Dr. Bernard was our engineer, worked exclusively on the Sleeping Pods. Very by-the-books type guy. Specialist Nowak had been on a few missions before this one. Always seemed distracted. But, well, it was a stressful mission. Dr. Lee was our ship's engineer and a robotics expert. We all went out to celebrate the night before lift off."
  2. Deep Sleep program: Phase II
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