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November announcements draft is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found in Watoga High School, on the desk in the Headmaster's office, beside his terminal.


Morning Announcements for November 1st

Good morning boys and girls, and welcome to the first week of November! I hope you're all recovered from the weekend's festivities, because I have some announcements for you:
- Friday will be the deadline for all Veteran's Day Troop Letters. Your support for these brave soldiers counts more than you can imagine. So if you can't be in the military, be a military supporter!

- We will be having several drills this month, including unannounced drills. Remember, DUCK and COVER! We must be ready every day, all the time, because the Atomic Bomb could drop at ANY time.

- And now for my favorite part: Field Trips! Mrs. Duran needs all permission slips for the Allegheny Asylum Living History Museum and Gardens trip on the 17th.

Lastly as always-- if you see something that seems out of place, then it is your duty to REPORT IT. If something or someone doesn't feel quite right, say something to your teachers, your parents, or your local authorities.