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This is a transcript for dialogue with Nova.


Bed How much for a room? Neutral 50 Since Colin's not running the show anymore, it's just the room now. 120 caps. Up front. 1
How much for a room? Neutral 50 Well... for you? A room and some company will run you 120 caps. Up front. 2
BedNO No, thanks. Neutral 50 Okay, then. 3
BedYES Actually, I don't have 120 caps. Neutral 50 Well, you aren't gonna get very far with no money. {Flirty.} 4
120 Caps sounds good to me. Neutral 50 Right at the top of the stairs, honey. That's your room. 5
120 Caps sounds good to me. Neutral 50 Right at the top of the stairs, honey. The room with the big bed. 6
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Well, hello there, Miss Dangerous. What can I do for you? 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, hello there Mister Dangerous. What can I do for you? 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Hi there. I'm Nova. New to Megaton, huh? Do yourself a favor and keep walking. Some of us stay for a few days... and then it's five years later... 9
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, baby. What do you need? 10
GREETING Neutral 50 What is it, hon? 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Listen, I'm working right now. So make it quick, okay? 12
MQ01GNRTopic What's all this about Galaxy News Radio? Surprise 60 You serious? 13
Disgust 70 Oh... you must have come from that Vault. Right. 14
Neutral 50 It's the only free radio station left in the Wasteland. The guy who runs it, Three Dog, he's like the only person who seems to give a shit. 15
Disgust 50 He keeps talking about fighting the Good Fight or something. Better than the crap on the other station. 16
MQ01NovaHelps01 I talked to Moriarty already, and he's trying to charge me for the info. Happy 80 Ha ha. Yeah, that's Colin's style all right. He sells information so much, you'd think the bar was just a hobby. 17
MQ01NovaHelps02 Enough with the tough chick routine. Tell me more! Disgust 70 Ohhh. You like it rough, huh? Well, that costs extra. 18
Neutral 50 Beat it, kid. Go look for Daddy somewhere else. 19
MQ01NovaHelps03 Look, if you can give me more information or point me in the right direction... Neutral 50 Yeah, I help you, then Moriarty kicks my sweet ass out the door. 20
Neutral 50 Sorry, kid. If you want to know more, Moriarty is the only one who's going to help you. 21
Neutral 50 Talk to Gob. He hates Moriarty more than I do. Maybe he'll tell you something, but I doubt it. 22
MQ01NovaHelpsLadykiller Look, sweetie. I'd love to spend time with you, but I need to find my Dad. Neutral 50 Mmmm. I'd love to spend time with you too. 23
Neutral 50 Look, I... can help you. Get into the back office of this place. Moriarty keeps a terminal there. Everything you want is inside the terminal. 24
Happy 80 Here's the password to it. Too bad you're so young, kid. I could teach you some stuff you'd never forget... 25
MQ01TerminalTopic What can you tell me about Moriarty's terminal? Neutral 50 That stupid thing is his pride and joy. He keeps all of his dirty little secrets in it about everything that goes on in this godforsaken town. 26
Neutral 50 I once leaned on his shoulder when he was typing into it and he got pissed off and pushed me to the ground. 27
MQ01TerminalTopic01 I really need to get into that terminal. Neutral 50 Yeah, and? So does ninety percent of Megaton. Take a number. 28
Neutral 50 Look, kid. I like you. But you gotta learn you can't stick your neck out too far in this world or it's liable to get cut off. I'm sorry. 29
MQ01TerminalTopic01SC Help me get into that terminal, Nova. Finding my Dad means everything to me. Happy 70 Well, all right. You seem like a good kid. It isn't your fault Moriarty is such an asshole. 30
Neutral 50 Here's the password. Just don't mention to anyone that I gave it to you or I might be out on my ass like Silver. 31
MQ01TerminalTopic02 I'm sick of this shit. Help me get into the terminal so I can find what I need! Disgust 50 Nice attitude, jackass. 32
MQ01TerminalTopic03 All right, thanks. Neutral 50 You're welcome. 33
MQ01TerminalTopicLadykiller Hey, sweetie. What can you tell me about Moriarty's terminal? I need in... Happy 80 Mmmmm. I bet you want in. But enough about us. 34
Neutral 50 Here's the password. Just make sure he isn't around when you use it. 35
MegNovaGobTopic What's the story with that Ghoul? Neutral 50 Who, Gob? Well, if you can get past how he looks, he's a sweetheart. Colin's awfully hard on him, though. 36
MegNovaGobTopic1 Where did he come from? Neutral 50 He don't talk about it much but apparently, there's a whole city of Ghouls somewhere down in DC. 37
Neutral 50 He's mentioned his mother a couple of times, but other than that, he won't really say. 38
Neutral 50 He's been here for... I guess about fifteen years now. Ever since Moriarty bought him off of those Slavers. 39
MegNovaGobTopic2 Do you ever... you know... work with him? Neutral 50 With Gob? Well, he's sweet... and I know that he'd like to, it's just... well... 40
Sad 50 I don't want to sound shallow or anything, I mean, I'm a whore, my standards aren't exactly high. 41
Disgust 50 But there are places even I won't go. Johnnies that are squishier than me are one of 'em. 42
MegNovaGobTopic3 Why is Moriarty so hard on him? Anger 50 Well, the miserable bastard is hard on all of us. But Gob gets it the worst. I guess just because he's different, you know? 43
MegNovaGobTopicEND Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Sure thing, baby. What did you have on your mind? 44
MegNovaHireTopic So, what's it take to hire you? Neutral 50 It used to be that Colin decided that stuff. But, with him gone, I'm thinking about retiring. So, no new clients. Sorry. 45
So, what's it take to hire you? Neutral 50 It takes you renting a room. Sleep in it, or don't. I don't care. I get paid either way. 46
MegNovaRadioTopic What were you saying about radio stations? Neutral 50 Huh? Oh, you mean why was Gob banging on that radio? Well, out there in the Wastes, there are two stations that broadcast. 47
Neutral 50 There's the Enclave station. I don't know who they are, but I think it might just be some pre-war broadcast on a loop or something. 48
Neutral 50 And there's Galaxy News Radio. It's run by a guy named Three Dog somewhere down in DC. But the signal went down a while ago. 49
MegTownEnd That's all I needed to know. Neutral 50 Right. 50
MegTownFatherChoice I'm looking for my father. Middle-aged guy. Maybe you've seen him? Neutral 50 Yeah, I remember that man. I saw him talking to Moriarty. It's hard to forget handsome men like that. 51
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 Sorry, kid. It's not worth the shitstorm I'll bring on myself. 52


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Take care of yourself, hon. 53
I have to go now. Neutral 50 God, you can be such an asshole sometimes, Colin. Don't worry, the "princess" will serve her king. Happy now? { } 54
I have to go now. Neutral 50 I hear you, all right? Loud and clear. I'll make daddy proud. { } 55
I have to go now. Neutral 50 I'll talk to you later, hon. { } 56
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Okay, Gobbie. Bye. { } 57
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Please don't make it any harder than it has to be, Jericho. { } 58
I have to go now. Neutral 50 I'll tell you what, I'll give you an extra ten minutes next time. On me. Just don't let Colin know... { } 59
HELLO HELLO Happy 70 Lookin's free, the rest will cost ya. 60
HELLO Neutral 50 Got something on your mind? 61
HELLO Disgust 70 Don't look at me like that. 62
HELLO Neutral 50 Got a problem? 63
HELLO Neutral 50 Need someone to brighten your day? 64
HELLO Neutral 50 Looking for fun? 65
HELLO Neutral 50 Looking's free. Everything else will cost you. 66
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Colin. 67
HELLO Neutral 50 Colin... Listen... 68
HELLO Neutral 50 Heya, Gob... 69
MegBarRadioChatter MegBarRadioChatter Neutral 50 Just give it up, Gob. You're not going to get anything. 70
MegNovaRadioTalk MegNovaRadioTalk Disgust 100 I told you Gob, it ain't the radio. The Enclave station comes in fine. It's Galaxy News. Their signal's been shit lately. 71
MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hello, Mother Maya. 72
MegatonHelloResponse Neutral 50 Hello there, honey. 73
MegatonTalk1 MegatonTalk Fear 50 Yeah, Colin? 74
MegatonTalk Fear 50 Oh Christ, what now... 75
MegatonTalk Fear 50 Hey Gob, what's up? 76
MegatonTalk Fear 50 Hiya, Gobbie! Whatcha need? 77
MegatonTalk Fear 50 Yeah, honey. What do you need? 78
MegatonTalk Fear 50 What is it, baby? 79
MegatonTalk2 MegatonTalk2 Neutral 50 I'm tired. I think I'm going to knock off early. I know you won't mind. 80
MegatonTalk2 Neutral 50 It's the tips, Colin. Your customers are actually getting cheaper, if that's even possible. Is a girl supposed to just lie down and take that? 81
MegatonTalk2 Neutral 50 Don't forget to mop up really good today. You know how Colin gets when the bar is messy. I'd hate for him to, you know... Get angry again. 82
MegatonTalk2 Neutral 50 I just wanted to let you know I reserved some special time for you. You know, as a thank you for all you done for me. 83
MegatonTalk3 MegatonTalk3 Neutral 50 I... I'm sorry, Colin. I've been tired lately, you know? I ain't been myself. Don't worry, I'll pull it together. I promise. 84
MegatonTalk3 Neutral 50 *Sigh* All right, Colin, all right. Just lay off, already. Please? 85
MegatonTalk3 Neutral 50 Oh, you're so sweet, Gob. 86
MegatonTalk3 Neutral 50 Awwww... Thank you hon. You're so thoughtful. 87
MegatonTalk3 Neutral 50 Jericho, baby. We've talked about this. Colin' don't want me seein' customers outside of work. He thinks our business is best kept professional. 88
MegatonTalk3 Neutral 50 You're sweet, Jericho. You really are, but Colin says that things between us is best kept on a professional level. If it were up to me... 89
MegatonTalk4 MegatonTalk4 Neutral 50 You're all heart, you know that, Colin? { } 90
MegatonTalk4 Neutral 50 Thanks a lot, Colin. I can always count on you for sympathy and respect. {sarcastic} 91
MegatonTalk4 Neutral 50 Now don't you go getting all mushy on me! We just... We got to look out for each other, right? { } 92
MegatonTalk4 Neutral 50 Hey, if we ain't going to look out for each other, what's the point? You think Colin gives a shit about us, Gob? Come on, sweetie, wake up. { } 93
MegatonTalk5 MegatonTalk5 Neutral 50 Sorry, hon. I'm a lifer here. Just go drink your drink. 94


Attack Attack Neutral 50 Colin! We need help over here! 95
Attack Neutral 50 Jericho! Where's Jericho? {Shouting for help.} 96
Attack Neutral 50 You think you're the first asshole to get rough with me? 97
Attack Neutral 50 I hate scum like you. 98


NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 You want something? C'mon! 99