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Too bad you're so young, kid. I could teach you some stuff you'd never forget...

Nova is one of the residents of Megaton. She works as the local prostitute at Moriarty's Saloon in 2277.


Nova spends most of her time hanging around the bar talking to Gob, Moriarty, Jericho, and other customers. Every now and then, she goes up to her room with a client. Her standards are not exactly high, but she explicitly states that she does not serve ghouls.[1] Another part of her job is to sweet-talk the male patrons and get them to spend caps on booze, company, or just a bed for the night. She has a day off, on which she goes shopping.[Non-canon 1]

She has lived in Megaton since around 2272, but has grown unenthusiastic during her stay.[2] This is in no small part due to how Colin Moriarty treats her.[3][4] Moriarty does not even trust her with her earnings, taking them and locking them up for himself.[5] Nova also has a chem habit, as Moriarty is displeased of her consuming Jet.[6] She has learned that the best way to survive is to keep her nose out of other people's business,[7] which means she never publicly works counter to Moriarty's interests.[8] Needless to say, if Moriarty was out of the picture, she would retire from prostitution.[9]

Daily schedule

Nova works at Moriarty's Saloon as a prostitute and can be found hanging out on the saloon's first floor talking to the locals and the Lone Wanderer.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.
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This character rents beds. Bottle cap 120.
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This character is romanceable.

Cost: 120 caps.

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This character drops an ear upon death (Contract Killer).


Effects of player's actions

  • When inquiring about hiring Nova's services, she advises the Lone Wanderer to rent a room.[11] After paying her, she directs them to the room with the "big bed," and straight after finishing the conversation, walks up the stairs to the room, lies down on the bed, and appears to fall asleep. Attempting to speak with her at this point will result in the usual dialogue choices. However, there is access to the bed for a period of time after this.
  • If Colin Moriarty is killed, Nova and Gob will take over the saloon, which gets renamed to Gob's Saloon after waiting three in-game days outside of town.[12] She will also no longer offer her services.[13]

Other interactions

  • She has unique lines if the Lone Wanderer meets her for the first time while wearing a Vault 101 jumpsuit.[14]


Apparel Weapon Other items
Merc charmer outfit


  • Nova and Jericho can be found in a conversation where he asks her out for a date. She declines, as Moriarty does not like to see her dating someone who is not a customer, even though she seems to be interested in Jericho.[15]
  • She is one of the few people that will acknowledge Moriarty's death in her dialogue.[9]
  • If Moriarty dies, Nova announces that she has quit her service and will find a better job.[9] However, she remains inside the saloon and sleeps there as well. If she is paid for a room for the night after Moriarty's death, she will still sleep alongside the Lone Wanderer, in the same bed in which she used to offer her services.
  • Moriarty and Gob take turns opening her bedroom door and watching her as she sleeps overnight. Attempting to close the door has no effect, as they open it again immediately and continue standing there.
  • Nova appears in the ending slides.

Notable quotes


Nova appears only in Fallout 3.



  1. The Lone Wanderer: "Do you ever... you know... work with him?"
    Nova: "With Gob? Well, he's sweet... and I know that he'd like to, it's just... well... I don't want to sound shallow or anything, I mean, I'm a whore, my standards aren't exactly high. But there are places even I won't go. Johnnies that are squishier than me are one of 'em."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  2. Nova: "Hi there. I'm Nova. New to Megaton, huh? Do yourself a favor and keep walking. Some of us stay for a few days... and then it's five years later..."
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  3. The Lone Wanderer: "Why is Moriarty so hard on him?"
    Nova: "Well, the miserable bastard is hard on all of us. But Gob gets it the worst. I guess just because he's different, you know?"
    (Nova's dialogue)
  4. The Lone Wanderer: "What can you tell me about Moriarty's terminal?"
    Nova: "That stupid thing is his pride and joy. He keeps all of his dirty little secrets in it about everything that goes on in this godforsaken town. I once leaned on his shoulder when he was typing into it and he got pissed off and pushed me to the ground."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  5. The Lone Wanderer: "Go for the top shelf. On me. <Give 20 caps.>"
    Jericho: "Whoa, twenty caps! Look at the big spender! Alright then, I can see you're in it for the big money, so I'll tell you all about Moriarty's. Moriarty, he's a ratfuck bastard for sure, but he's also paranoid as all hell. So paranoid that he don't let no one handle the cash around here. Every night, he takes what Gob and Nova earn and locks it in a file cabinet next to his bed."
    (Jericho's dialogue)
  6. Colin Moriarty: "Have you been Jetting again? For Christ's sake, lass, you're half the earner when you're on that junk. NO... MORE... CHEMS. Got it?"
    Nova: "I... I'm sorry, Colin. I've been tired lately, you know? I ain't been myself. Don't worry, I'll pull it together. I promise."
    (Colin Moriarty and Nova's dialogue)
  7. The Lone Wanderer: "I really need to get into that terminal."
    Nova: "Yeah, and? So does ninety percent of Megaton. Take a number. Look, kid. I like you. But you gotta learn you can't stick your neck out too far in this world or it's liable to get cut off. I'm sorry."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  8. The Lone Wanderer: "Look, if you can give me more information or point me in the right direction..."
    Nova: "Yeah, I help you, then Moriarty kicks my sweet ass out the door. Sorry, kid. If you want to know more, Moriarty is the only one who's going to help you. Talk to Gob. He hates Moriarty more than I do. Maybe he'll tell you something, but I doubt it."
    The Lone Wanderer: "[Speech (Fallout 3)|Speech] Help me get into that terminal, Nova. Finding my Dad means everything to me."
    Nova: "Well, all right. You seem like a good kid. It isn't your fault Moriarty is such an asshole. Here's the password. Just don't mention to anyone that I gave it to you or I might be out on my ass like Silver."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  9. 9.0 9.1 9.2 The Lone Wanderer: "So, what's it take to hire you?"
    Nova: "It used to be that Colin decided that stuff. But, with him gone, I'm thinking about retiring. So, no new clients. Sorry."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  10. The Lone Wanderer: "[Lady Killer] Look, sweetie. I'd love to spend time with you, but I need to find my Dad."
    Nova: "Mmmm. I'd love to spend time with you too. Look, I... can help you. Get into the back office of this place. Moriarty keeps a terminal there. Everything you want is inside the terminal. Here's the password to it. Too bad you're so young, kid. I could teach you some stuff you'd never forget..."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  11. The Lone Wanderer: "How much for a room?"
    Nova: "Well... for you? A room and some company will run you 120 caps. Up front."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  12. Gob's Saloon sign
  13. The Lone Wanderer: "How much for a room?"
    Nova: "Since Colin's not running the show anymore, it's just the room now. 120 caps. Up front."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  14. The Lone Wanderer: "What's all this about Galaxy News Radio?"
    Nova: "You serious? Oh... you must have come from that Vault. Right. It's the only free radio station left in the Wasteland. The guy who runs it, Three Dog, he's like the only person who seems to give a shit. He keeps talking about fighting the Good Fight or something. Better than the crap on the other station."
    (Nova's dialogue)
  15. Jericho: "I was thinkin', maybe you and me, we could go out sometime."
    Nova: "Jericho, baby. We've talked about this. Colin' don't want me seein' customers outside of work. He thinks our business is best kept professional."
    Jericho: "Nah... it's okay, Nova. I get it. No one wants anything to do with a crusty old Wasteland rat like me less'n they're getting' paid. I understand. But you think... I don't know... that you might get out of here some day? I got plenty of money, I could take care of you..."
    Nova: "You're sweet, Jericho. You really are, but Colin says that things between us is best kept on a professional level. If it were up to me..."
    (Jericho and Nova's dialogue)


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    Nova, 25, spends most of her time hanging around the bar talking to the male clientele. Every now and then, she'll go up to a room with a new "friend." Her real job is to sweet-talk the male patrons and get them to spend money—on booze, company, or an outrageously priced bed for the night. Every couple of nights, Nova sleeps with Gob. One day a week—her day off—she goes shopping."
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