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Notice of termination is a paper note in Fallout 76.


It can be found in the kitchen of Otis Pike's house along the southern outskirts of Grafton. It is associated with the quest Cold Case and cannot be taken.


Grafton Steel
Greater Appalachia Region

August 14, 2077
Mr. Otis Pike
316 W. Wilford Street

Sub: Employment Termination

Mr. Pike,

This letter serves as formal confirmation of our informal discussion today regarding the termination of your employment with Grafton Steel.

It is unfortunate that you have been drawn into this ridiculous propaganda. As a law-abiding government contractor Grafton Steel abides by our commitments to meet or exceed standards for safety and production. You have demonstrated a complete disregard for Grafton Steel's reputation, its importance to the war effort, and repeated counsel to help you.

Stacie Tibbetts
Human Resources Manager