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Notice of expulsion is a paper note in Fallout 76.


  • Four at Fort Defiance, scattered near the front gates. One more copy nearby.
  • Three at the abandoned Bog Town:
    • In the condemned building with a cooking station, just north of the police station.
    • On a table in a half-destroyed building across the road to the west of the Red Rocket.
    • On a bus to the north of town, across from two unmarked sheds.
  • One southeast of the Devil's Backbone, inside a van on the bridge near the fast travel point.



   You are hereby given notice to vacate the Allegheny Asylum, effective immediately. Acceptance of this letter legally certifies your acceptance and understanding of the letter.
   If you fail to accept relocation, you may be imprisoned by local authorities. Failure to accept relocation includes remaining in your room past midnight tonight.
   If you have an emergency contact on file, they were notified of your expulsion and may be on hand to pick you up. You may wait for them outside of the fence until midnight. After midnight, your continued presence will be considered failure to vacate the premises.
   Please refrain from causing damage to the premises as you leave. Legal action will be pursued and you may be sued for damages.
   If you have any possessions in your room, they must be removed at the time of your expulsion or they will be considered forfeit and destroyed. Our staff will not be present to help you carry belongings.

Thank you for staying with us at Allegheny Asylum,
Mr. Benjamin Yates-Rutledge
Hospital Administrator