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Note from management is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


The note can be found inside RobCo Research Center, in Clara Song's office, on the desk.


Dr. Song,

I am proud to present you with the task of leading the next generation of scientists into the future. Soon our illustrious research center will play host to the Pioneer Scout Junior Roboticists, and it will be your voice recordings that guide them through our facility.

I know you may find this assignment controversial, given your (oft-expressed) adamant opposition to the idea. But I believe that, in conducting the tour, you will grow to understand its importance to our company's future.

The Pioneer Scouts are an upstanding organization, after all. We can rely on their members to conduct themselves with dignity, and we certainly can trust them to keep a secret. My nephew James is a Scout, and if he's any indication then there's nothing to worry about.

Besides, by bringing these young kids into our presence, and teaching them the wonders of robotics, we will secure their hearts and minds and allegiance to RobCo.

Imagine a pipeline of fresh young talent, forever captivated by our corporation, who just can't wait to get into robotics. And who are so enamored of our company that they'll work here extra cheap.

Marketing loves the idea, by the way. Good PR, kids.

So buck up and get to work, doctor.

The Management

Oh, you'll get your tour, asshole. You think these kids are so honest? Fine. We'll see who's laughing when word gets out that James and the gang learned all our corporate secrets on your little tour. It won't be me in hot water then.