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Note from Jen refers to two different paper notes written by Jen in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


  • The first note from Jen is given as a reward for successfully completing Invisible Ties.
  • The second note from Jen is given depending on the player character's choice on how to deal with the gold during Secrets Revealed.


Invisible Ties

Hey, I was able to find a schematic to a standard chinese stealth suit and I figured you'd appreciate it. It isn't as advanced as the experimental one I used, but it's still handy if you like sneaking around.

Secrets Revealed

There is price for being an asshole. For you, that price is going to be gold. When we finally get to that gold bullion, if we get there, I'm going to take some for myself. Ten bars is probably what I'll be able to handle. You'll never see me do it. I'm just going to pop on my stealth field, take that gold and walk out of there. And you'll never be the wiser until you read this. Don't bother to try and find me. I'm leaving Appalachia with my loot. Just remember, there is a price for being an asshole.



The note that is found after Secrets Revealed says that Jen takes 10 gold bars, but in-game, they will find 100 missing. During testing for Wastelanders, the gold prices were inflated to their current price, and the note was not changed to reflect this.