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Note refers to six paper notes in Fallout 76.


These six unnamed notes can be found found during the Suitcase Mystery random encounter. One of the notes is randomly selected to spawn inside the suitcase, starting a miscellaneous quest to retrieve a valuable item from a random location.


Note 1

Hey cutie,
Bring the cat with you and go to <Alias=Dungeon>. There's a group of people there, strong people who are trying to protect survivors like us. They have weapons and armor, babe - good stuff, like <Alias=Item>. So they'll be able to protect you. I'm going for my brother in Harpers Ferry, then I'll meet you there.

Give Dubby a good belly rub for me. I love you.

Note 2


I heard from a wanderer that there's a small family holed up in <Alias=Dungeon>. They seemed friendly enough, she said, but unwilling to trade even though they had spare armor, like <Alias=Item>.

See if they'll reconsider? You're good at talking to people... so... talk. Otherwise I'm going with my gun.

Note 3

Look, I get that you want to rebuild this blasted heap. I get it. Pack up your little suitcase and just leave the safety of this community, that's YOUR CHOICE!

I still care. I do. Listen, I don't know if it will help but just after the bombs fell, I stashed anything iIn-game spelling could find at <Alias=Dungeon>, like chemistry kits, water purifiers, heavy winter coats, <Alias=Item>, gun parts, and some busted up cans of food. I doubt much of it is still there but... good luck.

Note 4

It's the end of the world and you're leaving me? This is unbelievable. I thought hey, at least now we finally have time holed up here in this dump to get to know each other while we eat cat food out of a dumpster under the pale moon light.

But fine. Leave. I don't even care anymore. Go back to your stupid ex at <Alias=Dungeon>. Take your stupid knife and get your stupid <Alias=Item>. Then just get out of here. I never want to see you again.

Note 5

In order to rebuild this great state, we need to distribute supplies to known survivor settlements. Take one <Alias=Item> to <Alias=Dungeon> and DON'T DIE! Find out how many more they want, then we can try to help them. We need everyone on our side.

Note 6

Welcome, Survivor!

You made it through the Apocalypse -- through the very End of the World itself!

Come to the New Settlement at <Alias=Dungeon> and join us. Every newcomer receives your very own <Alias=Item> -- for Free*!

*If you join our settlement permanently and contribute to the survival of others in the settlement.


  • The miscellaneous quest started by these notes rewards 20 caps and variable XP.
  • After completion of the quest, the retrieved weapon or armor will still be considered a quest item, and cannot be dropped or stored. It will be removed from the player character's inventory upon joining another server, making the loot functionally useless.
    • Similarly, if one server hops without completing the miscellaneous quest, the quest will disappear from the quest log and the note will be removed.
    • The note itself is not considered a quest item, and can be dropped while the miscellaneous quest is active. However, it will be removed from the player character's inventory, or even their stash box, upon joining another server.