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The Northwood Quarry notes are two paper notes in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  • Northwood Ridge Quarry, inside a small booby-trapped building south-west of the quarry (close to Grey Tortoise billboard)
  • Northwood Ridge Quarry, located on a table in a large shack in the quarry's center.


Note - 1

I've been tasked to set up explosive charges scattered throughout the quarry to repel another attack. The plan is to set up at least three series of explosions (I think I can do more). I'll hook everything up to a button in the main shack's balcony overlooking the center of the quarry. If we're ever attacked, I just need to hit the button and watch the fireworks.

Note - 2

Northwood Quarry note 2.png

Been working for days setting up the explosives in the quarry. Everything went fine except when Tom accidentally blew himself up. Tom...
Simply press the button to set off a series of explosions. I ended up hooking up a total of six. That should keep us safe enough to repel another attack.