The Northwest Seneca station is an entrance to the Northwest Seneca station.


It is mentioned by Evan King in Arefu as a possible location of The Family as part of the Blood Ties quest. It contains the entrance to the Northwest Seneca metro station that has a passage to Meresti Metro station.


Northwest Seneca Station is directly north of Arefu, northwest of Big Town.

Cornucopia Fresh GroceriesEdit

Nearby is accessible building Cornucopia Fresh Groceries infested with a couple of radroaches. Some Sugar Bombs, food and liquor can be found inside along with some other minor loot and a first aid box. The average-locked safe next to the counter contains some caps, pre-War money, a pack of cigarettes, and the occasional Stealth Boy. The safe can also be unlocked by hacking the nearby terminal.

Enclave campEdit

After the The Waters of Life quest, an Enclave camp will appear on the highway overpass just west of the entrance. The camp is populated by an Enclave officer and two Enclave soldiers, one of whom is equipped with Tesla armor and a missile launcher. Curiously, the soldier with the missile launcher is friendly until you approach the camp and alert the two hostile soldiers. If you manage to stealth kill the two hostiles, the friendly soldier will remain friendly.


Northwest Seneca Station appears only in Fallout 3.


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