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The Northwest Seneca Station is a part of the old metro system in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. The entrance is just north of Arefu on the opposite bank of the river.


According to Evan King, this is one of the three possible locations the Family live.[1]


This collapsed metro station has an irradiated sewer tunnel that leads to Meresti service tunnel and eventually Meresti Metro station, where the Family has their hideout. The only accessible sections of the station are the restroom area and Murphy's lab.

The restroom area is inhabited by several mole rats, and there is a bench near a radioactive area where a skeleton lies beside a bottle of vodka and a dose of Psycho. Additionally, each restroom contains a first aid box and one of the sinks in men's restroom is filled with frag grenades.

There is also a hidden plasma grenade in between a knife and a large scorched book, which can be found in the second stall to the right in the men's bathroom as well. There is also a Nuka-Cola vending machine in the restroom area.

Murphy's lab appears to be a converted maintenance room or office and is inhabited by two ghouls: Murphy himself and Barrett, who Murphy describes as his "backup and assistant, in case things get rough." There is also a manhole leading to the Meresti metro station in one of the rooms in the back-right corner of Murphy's lab, surrounded by radioactive barrels. Speaking to Murphy can start the unmarked quest, Murphy's Bombing Run.

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  • Murphy's footlocker is initially empty. After giving Murphy some Sugar Bombs, it will contain some Ultrajet. Both ghouls have Murphy's footlocker key.
  • This is one of the three locations Evan King points out to hunt for the Family during the Blood Ties quest.


Northwest Seneca Station appears only in Fallout 3.



  1. Evan King: "There's all kinds of places they could be hiding like Hamilton's Hideaway, the old Moonbeam Cinema or Northwest Seneca Metro Station."
    (Evan King's dialogue)