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The north Kanawha lookout is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia. It is located just east of Vault 76.[1]


A number of super mutants inhabit this fire watchtower. Directly below it is a cooking station and an explosives crate surrounded by meat bags put together by the super mutants. The most meat bags can be found at the top of the tower; the room at the top of the stairs is littered with them, with a safe requiring a key in the center of the mess. The safe key can be found on top of a port-a-potty to the west. Nearby is a weapons workbench and a water pump. Rhododendron flowers and soot flowers can be harvested in the area.

There is a ruined cabin near the lookout with graffiti in its crawlspace that states "Sickleman is here." Prior to the Wastelanders update, the graffiti read "Sickleman was here."[2] There are also several beheaded skeletons near the graffiti. A hole in the floor here provides access to the cabin interior.

Notable loot

  • Responder's note - Note, on top of the safe inside the tower.
  • Safe key - Found on top of a port-a-potty to the west. Opens the safe inside the tower.
  • Two potential recipes:
    • South of the tower, in the cabin with a hot tub.
    • South of the tower, in the shack.


Climbing to the top of the lookout lets the player character survey the area, which can unlock the following locations:


The north Kanawha lookout appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The Sickleman graffiti at the cabin was implemented by lead artist Nathan Purkeypile. In fifth grade, he wrote a series of scary stories in which Sickleman was featured as a character. His teacher was "not too keen" about the subject matter in these stories, and she made his parents come in to discuss what he was writing in school. However, in the end, Purkeypile decided to channel the appreciation for monsters and "other weird things" into his eventual career as a video game artist.[3]



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