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The North End is a district of Boston in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The North End was settled in the 1630s, as one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Boston area.[1] The district is part of the Freedom Trail, played a large role in the American Revolutionary War, and is also home to several significant landmarks such as the Paul Revere House and Old North Church.

In the years leading up to the Great War, the residential neighborhood was controlled by Italian crime families and crime lord Sal Barsconi. His crime family attempted to improve relations with Eddie Winter's gang in South Boston by sending Johnny Montrano, Sr. as a lookout on a job. Following Montrano's failure to alert the crew of a police presence, Winter ordered his assassination. North-South relations quickly deteriorated.[2]

After the bombs fell, the population of the North End was nearly wiped out, and the district remains largely lawless and uncontrolled. A serial killer known as Pickman operates in the Pickman Gallery, slaughtering raiders and creating sculptures from their corpses and paintings from their blood. An organization known as the Railroad also set up in the catacombs under the Old North Church following a raid on their previous base of operations. Their objective was to free sentient synths from the control of their creators, the Institute.


The North End is situated in the northeast portion of Boston. It borders Beacon Hill, the Financial District, and Boston Harbor. It contains the following locations:

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North End appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The North End is a real world location of the same name, a neighborhood of Boston.