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This is a transcript for dialogue with Andy Scabb.


GREETING GREETING Anger 50 What are you looking at, huh? Answer me, or I'll get trigger-happy real quick. 1
GREETING Anger 50 You again? Get out here, smoothface. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 I've got nothing to say to you, stranger. 3
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic000 Relax, I was just leaving. Neutral 50 Wait right there. You told my men that Alice's mother was waiting for me outside, didn't you? 4
Relax, I was just leaving. Neutral 50 Wait right there. I don't recall seeing your pretty face before - what do you want? 5
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic002 <Attack> I'm here to kill you. Anger 50 Nobody threatens me and walks away alive! 6
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic004 <Lie> I've no idea what you're talking about. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Hmmm... I've got my eye on you. Get the fuck off my turf. 7
<Lie> I've no idea what you're talking about. Anger 50 [FAILED] Please, I've seen kids who were better liars than you. Tell the truth now - what are you after? 8
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic006 Yes, I did. I know about your plans for Alice. Happy 50 You think I give a shit? Has it crossed your mind that Alice is all the way in this with me? 9
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic009 Why would she be? Anger 50 Maybe because I'm so good-looking. 10
Neutral 50 Maybe because her mother's trying to break her back planting crops that die from rads as soon as they're in the ground. 11
Sad 30 Or maybe she's just a dupe. Why do you even care? She's happy making her own way in the world. 12
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic014 <Attack> And it's the last you'll ever see. Anger 50 Oh boy, you've just made your last mistake. 13
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic015 Nothing, goodbye. Neutral 50 Leaving so soon? And I thought we'd have time for a little chat. 14
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic016 She deserves to know the truth. Neutral 50 And... you think that's worth her happiness? Go on and tell her, then. Watch what happens when you crush her dreams. 15
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic017 You're manipulating her into betraying her family. Neutral 50 Family's just what the world throws on our shoulders without our say or opinion. 16
Neutral 50 You think Alice cares about her family? Tell her, then. Family's what drove her to me in the first place. 17
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic019 Goodbye. Neutral 50 It's not polite to leave in the middle of a conversation, but I won't try to teach you manners. This time. 18
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic020 Aren't you afraid I'll blow your plans? Neutral 50 And how exactly would you do that? 19
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic022 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, sure. 20
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic023 A cut from the Hostetlers' money, and I might help you. Neutral 50 I'm glad we understand each other. Alice's at her home, getting our means out of this shit-hole. Make sure things go smoothly. 21
VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAndyScabbTopic041 Goodbye. Neutral 50 That's right, and good riddance. 22