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Nordhagen Beach is a location and possible settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Nordhagen Beach is a small settlement along the coast. In its base state, there are three settlers, two parents and a child that are unnamed. On the beach itself, there is driftwood and various other items which can be scrapped. There is also a shipping container buried in the sand in the southeast corner that cannot be moved or scrapped for components.

Heading east from the bridge one will see a light green car on the righthand side of the road. Past this and on the left is a visible sand road with two plastic flamingos on the left side leading to the settlement's only structure; a single brick building containing one bed and two mattresses. In addition, there is an end table and several junk items. Just before the doorway to the building, there is a chemistry station against the wall.

On the western side of the building is the settlement's workshop, a water pump and a wooden perimeter fence spanning to the north and northeast. There is a wooden rowboat just behind the fence and a partially buried truck and tractor in front of them, all of which can be scrapped if the settlement is allied with the Sole Survivor.

On the eastern side of the settlement, there is a large gourd patch surrounded by a wooden posted fence. To the south of the fence is a cooking station. Just over the southeast settlement boundary, there are two fragments of a crashed airliner. If one continues along the eastern road from Nordhagen, there is a Stingray Deluxe jet on the south side of the road and beyond this a collapsed building that has been repurposed as a lookout. Continuing along the road will lead to Fort Strong. A second Stingray is buried underwater due southwest of the settlement and halfway towards Boston Airport.

Related quests

  • Clearing the Way: A settler tells the Sole Survivor that they are concerned about dangerous enemies in a nearby area and asks them for help in clearing it out.
  • Ghoul Problem: Settlers have asked the player character for help in taking care of some feral ghouls that have been terrorizing a nearby location.
  • Greenskins: A group of super mutants has been terrorizing a group of settlers who are unable to defend themselves. The Sole Survivor is called on to make sure they'll never be a threat to anyone else again.
  • Kidnapping: Concerned settlers will ask the Sole Survivor to help them rescue a fellow settler that was kidnapped for ransom by nearby hostiles, hoping to have them freed without harm.


  • The original settlers cannot be directly relocated from Nordhagen Beach. The adults can be assigned as provisioners. It may be possible to reassign them at the destination settlement (a known exploit with provisioners).
  • Speaking with one of the settlers may start any of the Minutemen side quests without receiving the quest from Preston Garvey or Radio Freedom. This is a standard game feature for most settlements.
  • The bed and two mattresses inside the shack cannot be moved or scrapped in workshop mode.
  • Placing one or more artillery pieces along the waterline of the settlement allows for the shelling of the nearby airport.
  • If one kills the two settlers, the child will run away and the settlement can be used. This is a standard game feature of most settlements.
  • The child settler is farming the existing gourds but cannot be reassigned to other crops (or any activity). This is standard for child NPCs. To maximize crop production, assign any new crops to adult settlers and leave 12 of the original gourds in place for the child to farm.


Nordhagen Beach appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Nordhagen Beach is located on a peninsula that is the real-life location of the town of Winthrop, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.


  • PCPC Settlers assigned to stores (except the clinic) placed above the water at Nordhagen Beach will refuse to engage in dialogue.[verified]
    • Simply moving those emporiums away from the water and placing them on (or above) a dry surface resolves this.
  • PCPC Settlers here may not offer an allegiance quest, requiring workshop ownership to be established via console commands (preventing it from appearing in the player's list of workshops) or by killing the adult inhabitants - after which the child settler will run off. Players wishing to restore the NPCs after killing them and accessing the workshop may do the following:
    • Open the console, click each dead settler to select their reference ID and run the following commands: resurrect (and possibly recycleactor), addtofaction 1C21C 1, addkeyword workshopallowcommand, addkeyword workshopallowmove, addkeyword workshopallowcaravan, setpv bcommandable 1, setpv ballowmove 1, setpv ballowcaravan 1
      After exiting the console the settlers can be selected in workshop mode, "moved" to Nordhagen Beach and have clothing/armor equipped via the trade menu if needed. The child settler can be restored with the following commands: player.placeatme 156A13 1, Clicked to select the ref id of the new NPC if not already selected followed by addtofaction 1C21C 1, addkeyword workshopallowmove, setpv ballowmove 1 and then move the NPC to Nordhagen Beach through the workshop menu as above. If one wishes to further restore the vanilla characteristics of the NPCs setpv ballowmove 0 should be set for all, as they are not normally moveable, and will take effect on the next cell reload. The keywords can not be removed with console commands, but can be skipped in the first place if you are willing to trigger a cell reload before attempting to move the settlers.[verified]
  • Xbox OneXbox One A star core may spawn near the house.[verification overdue]
  • [platforms tag needed] Attackers might spawn under the beach.[verification overdue]