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This is a transcript for dialogue with Nolan McNamara.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Ah, outsider. I've heard that you were instrumental in providing Hardin with the evidence to bring against me. And here I had thought to use {lightly stressed} you. 1
Neutral 50 Have you come to gloat, or did you actually want something? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome, outsider, welcome! The lockdown has been officially lifted and everyone seems to be in good spirits. 3
Neutral 50 With the surface open to us once again, Hardin's already started talk of sending a force out to attack HELIOS, but I hope to dissuade him. 4
Neutral 50 What can I do for you? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Hail, Brother. May I help you? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Greetings, my friend. I hope I can be of some assistance to you. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 {Getting ready to lift the lockdown} I apologize, outsider, but I'm going to be busy for a little while making preparations for lifting the lockdown. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 {Annoyed to have to talk to the player again} What is it now, outsider? 9
GREETING Neutral 50 I'm afraid I don't have time to talk, outsider. I've had word that Hardin is charging me with violating protocol and must prepare a defense. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 Back again, I see. Have you found all the components we need? 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Have you had any luck finding the scouts? Or did you have something to discuss? 12
GREETING Neutral 50 Found the missing patrols, or was something else on your mind? 13
GREETING Neutral 50 How did you find us, stranger? And do tell the truth. 14
GREETING Neutral 50 I've been informed that you bring us ill tidings, stranger. Care to elaborate? 15
GREETING Neutral 50 When Paladin Ramos informed me that Veronica was approaching with an outsider in tow, at first I didn't know what to think. 16
Neutral 50 After giving the matter some thought, however, I've decided that an outsider could be of use to me right now. 17
Neutral 50 However, I will not force you to help us. Should you refuse, you will be allowed to leave here, though you'd remain Veronica's responsibility. 18
Neutral 50 What do you say, outsider? Are you willing to help us? 19
GREETING Neutral 50 What I wished to discuss with you can wait for once I get settled in the command room, outsider. 20
GREETING Neutral 50 When you first showed up on our doorstep, I'll admit at first I didn't know what to think. 21
Neutral 50 After giving the matter some thought, however, I've decided that an outsider could be of great use to me right now. 22
Neutral 50 However, I will not force you to help us. Should you refuse, you will be allowed to leave here, though know we {stressed} will be keeping an eye on you. 23
Neutral 50 What do you say, outsider? Are you willing to help us? 24
GREETING Neutral 50 How did you resolve the situation with the ranger? 25
GREETING Neutral 50 Have you reconsidered, outsider? I can still use your help. 26
GREETING Neutral 50 {Generic question node} Yes, associate? 27
HVMcNamExplainPresence I was just exploring the area and noticed your patrol coming out of here. Neutral 50 You took an extreme risk in coming here. My policy towards trespassers has not been... lenient. 28
Neutral 50 The security of this bunker is my foremost concern, and I take pains to minimize our exposure topside. 29
Neutral 50 For this reason, I might be interested in contracting with an outsider, who can accomplish certain tasks - some basic, some a bit more... involved. 30
Neutral 50 An NCR Ranger has begun to set up post in one of the other bunkers up top, for example. I want him driven off. Understood? 31
HVMcNamRangerAsk Why haven't you killed the ranger already? Neutral 50 Yes, we could kill him easily enough. But sometimes you can learn a great deal by observing people, both enemies and friends. 32
Neutral 50 Which is why it will be very interesting to observe how you choose to deal with the situation, and decide which you are. Enemy, or friend? 33
Neutral 50 Do we understand one another? 34
HVMcNamRangerDead The ranger won't be a problem. He's dead. Neutral 50 How do you know he won't be missed, that other rangers won't come looking for him? Or NCR patrols? Did you just make matters worse? 35
HVMcNamRangerDeadSafe He told me himself that no one knew where he was. Neutral 50 Indeed he did. The collar includes a microphone, you see. Part of the test. 36
Neutral 50 Had you told him the location of this bunker, for example... well, let's just say we wouldn't be having this conversation. 37
Neutral 50 Given the circumstances, termination was the best option - so your actions demonstrated loyalty, good judgment, and prowess in combat. 38
{Speech >= 65}
It was a calculated risk. Asking questions would have tipped him off. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] So you weighed the value of confirming if his location was known against your advantage of surprise. All right. 39
I'm pretty sure I made things better. I mean, I killed him. Neutral 50 [FAILED] What's in doubt isn't your ability to kill. It's your ability to be thorough. Your circumspection, so to speak. 40
Neutral 50 So again, I ask: How do you know that killing this ranger didn't make matters worse, exposing us to greater dangers? 41
HVMcNamRangerFail I'm not sure. Neutral 50 That's right. Because you did nothing to find out. Your collar was rigged with a microphone, you see. Part of the test. 42
Neutral 50 It would seem you are a brute, but even a brute can be of use. Particularly one capable of taking down an NCR Ranger one on one. 43
I'm not sure. Neutral 50 Since you completed your assigned task, I will allow you to come and go from the bunker freely. So let's get that collar off you. 44
I'm not sure. Neutral 50 There, that's better, I hope. Now that we have that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, there is a matter that I would like to discuss with you. 45
Neutral 50 Stop by the command room when you can. Oh, and bear in mind, if you end up betraying us, we will know it - and there will be no mercy. 46
HVMcNamRangerGone The ranger won't be a problem. He's gone. Neutral 50 Gone? Why did he leave? And what makes you think he won't be back? 47
HVMcNamRangerNo Not interested. I don't do murder-for-hire. Neutral 50 I never said the ranger had to be killed. And I wasn't giving you the option. I merely asked if you understood. 48
HVMcNamRangerYes I can take care of the Ranger. Neutral 50 Very well. I'll be interested to see how thoroughly and efficiently you carry out your mission. 49
I can take care of the Ranger. Neutral 50 Paladin Ramos will escort you back to the bunker's entrance and set you loose. Notice that I said "loose," not "free." 50
Neutral 50 You are not free to carry the secret of this bunker's location beyond Hidden Valley - until I'm convinced that you're capable and dependable. 51
Neutral 50 To underscore this point, you'll be fitted with an explosive collar. Wander off, and it will detonate. Focus on your mission, and you'll be fine. 52
HVMcNamStorePermission May I have permission to trade with your armory? Neutral 50 Very well. It's to our benefit that you'd be well-equipped. I'll send word ahead. 53
McNamaraPowerArmorTraining McNamaraPowerArmorTraining Neutral 50 ...There, I think you've got the knack of it now. You should now be able to wear any kind of power armor you come across. 54
McNamaraPowerArmorTraining Neutral 50 I've also given the order that all of our equipment be made available to you, not just the more mundane arms. 55
Neutral 50 You're a member of the Brotherhood now, and your gear should reflect that. 56
Neutral 50 Lastly, you will be allowed to come and go as you please. You've done so much for us that to do otherwise would be a crime. 57
Neutral 50 I just ask that you keep the Brotherhood's interests at heart in all your dealings. Remember that you will always have a home here. 58
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic000 I'll begin looking immediately. Neutral 50 I'm glad I can count on you. Oh, and one other thing. The patrols each had a holotape detailing their missions that you can use to track them. 59
Neutral 50 The shielding of the bunker prevents us from actively tracking them, but their positions should show up on your map once you get to the surface. 60
Neutral 50 Should our worst fears become realized, please bring back all three of the holotapes from the patrols. Otherwise, bring our brothers home. 61
Neutral 50 I've given the order that you be given access to some of the equipment our scouts and patrols have scavenged over the years. 62
Neutral 50 You won't be allowed to purchase any prohibited equipment, but hopefully some of what's available will prove useful to you. 63
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic002 Yes, here are their holotapes. Sad 50 {Solemn} They were all dead, then. I suppose I'm not surprised. We have few friends in the world above, and many enemies. 64
Yes, here are their holotapes. Neutral 50 But we must turn our minds to other matters. When I sent out those patrols, I also sent three Knights out on scouting missions. 65
Neutral 50 When the patrols failed to return, we assumed the worst and sent a single communication to the scouts to hold position and maintain radio silence. 66
Neutral 50 I want you to contact those scouts and gather their reports. Like the patrols, they have devices on them that will enable you to track them. 67
Neutral 50 When you find them, tell them you're my representative and ask them if the bears are still hunting. That should get them to talk to you. 68
Neutral 50 Return when you've gathered all of their reports. 69
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic003 No, I've only found one of them so far. Both paladins were dead. Sad 50 While that is disheartening news, there remains hope that the other two patrols may still be found alive. 70
Neutral 50 See me as soon as you've found them. 71
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic004 I've found two of the patrols. All of the paladins were dead. Neutral 50 T-That is unfortunate. As long as there is a chance to find the remaining patrol, however, I must still ask you to try. 72
Neutral 50 Return when you have found them. 73
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic005 No, I'm still working on it. Neutral 50 Remain diligent, outsider. If those patrols are in trouble, every second you delay lessens their chances of rescue. 74
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic006 I did. Lorenzo's on it. Neutral 50 {Relieved, sighs} Good news for a change. Your efforts have humbled me, outsider. You have done more than I could expect, even from my Brothers. 75
Neutral 50 Moreover, I've been going over the scouts' reports and keep coming up with the same conclusion. The NCR is not the threat I've believed it to be. 76
Neutral 50 We should not have had to rely on your help in this crisis. I believed my actions were guided by caution and prudence, but I now see the truth. 77
Neutral 50 People called me a hero after what happened at HELIOS, but I left that battle scarred by fear, and have allowed that weakness to govern my actions. 78
Neutral 50 That ends now. I will undo the wrong I have done my brethren, and lift the lockdown. With luck, we will once again flourish. 79
Neutral 50 Please, take this. It is a small token of my thanks, and scarcely begins to repay the debt owed you, but is all I am allowed to give an outsider. 80
Neutral 50 This key will allow you to use our safehouse to the northeast. I hope it will prove useful in your travels. 81
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic007 I'm still looking for them. Neutral 50 Please make all haste in your search. It is imperative that I know the results of his mission. 82
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic008 Yes, I did. Here are their reports. Neutral 50 Good, let's take a look... Hmmm, if I'm reading this right, it appears that the NCR's grip on this region is nowhere near as firm as I thought. 83
Neutral 50 I'll have to review these in detail, but these reports have given me much to think about. Thank you, outsider. 84
Neutral 50 You've become someone I can count on, so I believe I can share something rather confidential with you. 85
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic009 No, not yet. Neutral 50 Well, return when you have. 86
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic010 I think I already found one of your patrols. Both Paladins were dead. Sad 50 While that is disheartening news, there remains hope that the other two patrols may still be found alive. 87
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic011 I already found a couple of your patrols. The paladins were all dead. Neutral 50 T-That is unfortunate. As long as there is a chance to find the remaining patrol, however, I must still ask you to try. 88
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic012 I already found all three patrols. They were all dead. Sad 50 {Solemn} I suppose I am not surprised. We have few friends in the world above, and many enemies. 89
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic013 Not all of them. Neutral 50 Keep looking for them. The information they have is vital. 90
{Ask to join the Brotherhood}
I want to join the Brotherhood. Neutral 50 You've certainly earned the right, but I'm afraid there's a slight matter of protocol that must be dealt with first. 91
Neutral 50 Exceptional individuals, like yourself, {slightly stressed} are sometimes allowed to join the Brotherhood if they perform a valuable service for it. 92
Neutral 50 While your actions up to this point have been commendable, I'm afraid they don't quite qualify as such a service. 93
Neutral 50 However, I do have another task that fits the bill rather nicely. Would you consider undertaking it? 94
Can I still join the Brotherhood? Neutral 50 The task I had in mind is still available, if you're up for it. 95
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic015 Yes, what is the task? Neutral 50 As one of our patrols discovered, the mutants just to the northeast have become strangely violent in the years we were secluded. 96
Neutral 50 However, this turn of events could also be an opportunity. We mostly left the equipment of the communications array there alone, out of respect. 97
Neutral 50 As the inhabitants have now proven themselves hostile, no more respect will accorded them. Making their equipment fair game. 98
Neutral 50 I want you to head up to the summit of Black Mountain and install this remote signal transmitter in one of their consoles. 99
Neutral 50 It will allow us to tap into the radar and other detection systems running there, assuming they're still operational. 100
Neutral 50 If we're going to operate on the surface again, it would be nice to do so with as much information at our fingertips as possible. Good luck. 101
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic016 {McNamara linked lines} Neutral 50 Then allow me to explain our situation. This bunker is currently locked down, allowing no entry or exit, with you being one of the few exceptions. 102
Neutral 50 In exceptional cases, teams are sent out to investigate sites or retrieve materials deemed too important to ignore. 103
Neutral 50 Three such teams have gone missing recently, and the news of their disappearance has not yet been widely spread to avoid undue concern. 104
Neutral 50 In order to maintain the peace, and adhere to the strictures of the lockdown, I need to send someone else to discover what happened to them. 105
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic018 I have better things to do. Neutral 50 Then that is your choice. If you should change your mind, please return. 106
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic020 Surely you have people better suited to look for them than me. Neutral 50 The less who are aware of this situation, the better. My brothers and sisters were deeply traumatized by the losses we incurred several years ago. 107
Neutral 50 It would be imprudent to worry them unduly without first discovering the facts of the situation. 108
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic021 I was hoping to speak to you about other matters. Neutral 50 I can spare a little time. What did you want to talk about? 109
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic024 I found one of your patrols out in the waste. Your men are dead. Neutral 50 That is sad news, indeed, and I thank you for making your way here to convey it to us, but now the issue remains that an outsider knows our location. 110
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic025 Actually, I'd rather just be going. If I could just have my belongings back... Neutral 50 I'm afraid that's not a possibility at the moment. Let's just say that your eventual safe departure from here relies on how forthcoming you are. 111
Neutral 50 That said, I'd like you to tell me why you're here. 112
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic026 No, what I told your man before was the truth. I don't like repeating myself. Neutral 50 I applaud your commitment to your own word, though it saddens me to hear of the fate of our comrades. 113
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic028 It was a complete accident, I swear. Neutral 50 Accident or no, we both now find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation. 114
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic029 I convinced him that staying here was more dangerous than moving on. Neutral 50 Yes, you exploited his fear of Powder Gangers very effectively. The collar includes a microphone, you see. Part of the test. 115
Neutral 50 He'll keep his distance, setting ambushes, never suspecting that these bunkers house something far more dangerous to him than criminals. Well-played. 116
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic030 He was going to leave if he couldn't get his radio working. So I destroyed it. Neutral 50 I see. And he's not particularly likely to come back, since he's learned that the bunkers here aren't secure enough to serve as safehouses. 117
Neutral 50 It's not a foolproof solution, but indirect methods rarely are. What matters is that you drove him off without alerting him to our presence. 118
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic031 Just tell me what you want me to do. Neutral 50 I would like you to find the components we need to fix this bunker's air filtration system. I cannot overstate the importance of this task. 119
Neutral 50 See Senior Knight Lorenzo for the details. He's the one who brought the matter to my attention, and the only other person who is aware of it. 120
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic032 Go on. Neutral 50 The device that creates the sandstorms above, that masks our comings and goings, was only intended to be used in case of emergencies. 121
Neutral 50 It was never meant to be used with any regularity, and the other systems here were not designed to accommodate such usage. 122
Neutral 50 In particular, the air filtration system simply cannot handle the quantity of sand and grit that it's been forced to cope with these last few years. 123
Neutral 50 As a result, the system is failing, albeit slowly. I'm told we have scant few months before it shuts down completely. 124
Neutral 50 Should that happen, it will quickly become impossible to breathe here in the bunker. Already the air quality begins to slightly worsen. 125
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic033 That depends on the task. Neutral 50 Do not hesitate, my friend. Learn from my mistake and go boldly, one way or the other. 126
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic034 On second thought, I'm not really interested in joining the Brotherhood at the moment. Neutral 50 Regrettable, but understandable. Should you change your mind, return here. I will hold off on assigning the task to my brethren, for now. 127
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic035 I installed the device up at Black Mountain, as instructed. Neutral 50 Yes, we've already started receiving telemetry from it. This will be a great help in our future efforts, and I thank you. 128
Neutral 50 Now then, it is my great honor to bestow upon you the title of Paladin of the Brotherhood, for meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty. 129
Neutral 50 I'm afraid a formal ceremony was out of the question given our current state, but I hope this will make up for it. 130
Neutral 50 I had the knights refurbish a suit of our power armor for your use. It's one of the earlier models, but it should serve you well. 131
Neutral 50 Now, I suppose I'm going to have to show you how to use it, aren't I? 132
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic036 I already know how to use power armor. Neutral 50 Would you like to tell me where you learned such a thing? 133
Neutral 50 No, don't bother. A person as well-traveled as yourself is bound to pick up all kinds of skills, I suppose. Luckily, that's not all I have for you. 134
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic037 Please do. Neutral 50 First, let's go over how to put it on... 135
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic038 Don't I just put it on? Neutral 50 If only it were that simple. Think of power armor as a machine to be operated rather than clothing you'd wear. 136
Neutral 50 With a little instruction, using it becomes as natural as simple movement, but to the ignorant, it's just so much heavy junk. 137
Neutral 50 So let's bring you up to speed, shall we? 138
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic039 Tell me about the lockdown. Neutral 50 It's a protective measure that was enacted after our defeat at HELIOS. The NCR was hot on our heels, and we wouldn't have survived another encounter. 139
Neutral 50 It was decided that we would stay quiet for a time, heal the wounded, and try to come up with a new strategy. 140
Neutral 50 However, after we had fully recuperated, our first scouting measures showed that the NCR's presence in this region had only increased in our absence. 141
Neutral 50 There are now more than five times the number of NCR troops in the area as when we fought them, and we have half the number we did at HELIOS. 142
Neutral 50 And so the lockdown has been extended. To go outside would be the death of us all. 143
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic040 How do you get supplies? Neutral 50 We have some personnel that are allowed to travel on the surface. They trade for what we need, and occasionally drop off what they acquire. 144
Neutral 50 We make sure that they only enter or leave the bunker while the sandstorm is active, to avoid detection. 145
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic041 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 All right. What did you wish to speak about? 146
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic043 What is with that crazy sandstorm on the surface? Neutral 50 That is this base's defensive system. It serves as camouflage and masks all entry and exit from the bunker. 147
Neutral 50 We use it to hide our patrols and supply runners, though we still send such out at night to be extra safe. 148
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic044 Tell me about what happened at HELIOS. Neutral 50 We were overrun, plain and simple. My Brothers fought with great courage, but in the end the enemy was just too many. 149
Neutral 50 When the tide of the battle turned for the worse, our Elder was nowhere to be found, and everything was chaos. 150
Neutral 50 Fully half of our forces had already fallen. I gathered up those I could find and we fought our way here. 151
Neutral 50 This place had been briefly discussed as a fallback point, though at the time none really believed that could possibly become necessary. 152
Neutral 50 That's it, really. There was nothing glorious about the battle, just a nightmare of screams, blood, and death. 153
VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic045 Did you know Hardin is trying to find a way to become Elder? Neutral 50 Oh yes, he's been trying for quite some time. Hardin has been strongly opposed to the lockdown from the first. It goes against his nature, you see. 154
Neutral 50 Hardin's the type to fight to the last, and die rather than surrender. It's a good trait to have in a soldier, and a bad one to have in a leader. 155
Neutral 50 Don't let his actions bother you. He's only doing what he thinks is best for the chapter. 156
{Telling about the NCR wanting to destroy the BoS}
The NCR is currently looking to destroy you. Neutral 50 Yes, I've always known they were. Luckily, they don't know exactly where we are. And even if they did, our position here is fortified. 157
Neutral 50 And assuming they managed to breach the bunker, I would be forced to activate our failsafe system. 158
Neutral 50 Better we all die than allow the technology we have here to fall into such unworthy hands. 159
The NCR is currently looking to destroy you. Neutral 50 I suppose it was only a matter of time. I wonder if, given the NCR's current situation, they would consider a truce of sorts? 160
Neutral 50 We've given up our claim to HELIOS, and we don't have any interest in claiming Hoover Dam, so our ambitions are not at crossed purposes. 161
Neutral 50 Perhaps it's time for a new strategy. Go to the NCR commander and tell her the Brotherhood is willing to put aside our enmity for the time being. 162
Neutral 50 Further, tell her that we are willing to send troops to aid in their coming defense of the Dam. My guess is they're in no position to refuse. 163
VEndingBrotherhood VEndingBrotherhood Neutral 50 {Narrating} Buried beneath tons of rubble, the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel was no more. 164
Neutral 50 Those few who were outside the Hidden Valley bunker when it was destroyed settled into new lives, or headed west to find a new chapter to join. 165
VEndingBrotherhood Neutral 50 {Narrating} During the fight for Hoover Dam, the Brotherhood took HELIOS One, inflicting heavy damage on retreating NCR forces, but it was a pyrrhic victory. 166
Neutral 50 Once The Strip was secured, Caesar's forces overwhelmed and eventually routed the Brotherhood from HELIOS One and Hidden Valley. 167
VEndingBrotherhood Neutral 50 {Narrating} The Brotherhood used the battle of Hoover Dam as an opportunity to retake HELIOS One, and came to control the area between it and Hidden Valley. 168
Neutral 50 With no organized opposition, their patrols began monitoring trade along I-15 and 95, seizing any items of technology they deemed inappropriate. 169
VEndingBrotherhood Neutral 50 {Narrating} The Brotherhood and the NCR in the Mojave Wasteland declared an official truce, despite continued hostilities between the two in the west. 170
Neutral 50 As per their agreement, the NCR handed over all suits of salvaged power armor and in return the Brotherhood helped patrol I-15 and Highway 95. 171
VEndingBrotherhood Neutral 50 {Narrating} Due to their temporary truce, the Brotherhood allowed the NCR to retreat from the Mojave Wasteland without incident. 172
Neutral 50 In the relative peace that followed, Brotherhood patrols appeared along major roads, harassing travelers over any bits of technology they had. 173


HVMcNamaraHardinOpening HVMcNamaraHardinOpening Neutral 50 I understand your concern, Edgar, but the answer is no. 174
HVMcNamaraHardinOpening Neutral 50 And our chances of exposure might be one hundred percent if we act rashly. 175
HVMcNamaraHardinOpening Neutral 50 No, I will not endanger the entire chapter so recklessly. 176
HVMcNamaraHardinOpening Neutral 50 Look, I've made my decision. Abide by it. I have other matters to attend to. 177
VMS49ElderDiscussion1 VMS49ElderDiscussion1 Neutral 50 Hello Veronica. How goes your mission? 178
VMS49ElderDiscussion1 Neutral 50 Veronica, tell me this isn't about- 179
VMS49ElderDiscussion1 Neutral 50 We've been through this. 180
VMS49ElderDiscussion1 Neutral 50 We've outlasted the end of the world. We'll outlast these upstarts. 181
VMS49ElderDiscussion1 Neutral 50 If we must. 182
VMS49ElderDiscussion1 Neutral 50 I see no evidence of that. Nor do I see anyone out there with a solution to our problems. 183
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Neutral 50 What does the Codex say? 184
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Disgust 15 We do not help them, or let them in. 185
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Anger 15 We keep knowledge they must never have. 186
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Sad 25 I'm sorry. 187
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Sad 50 {Sadly} <Sighs> I know. 188
VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS Neutral 50 What? Wonderful news! 189
VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS Neutral 50 In the hands of the enemy- 190
VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS Neutral 50 We couldn't have known. We fought for what we believed in. 191
VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS Neutral 50 Are you trying to shame me? 192
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Intro VMS49ElderDiscussion2Intro Surprise 50 Veronica. I hope- 193
VMS49ElderDiscussion2V22 VMS49ElderDiscussion2V22 Anger 10 High Elder Maxson didn't found us to be botanists, Veronica. 194
VMS49ElderDiscussion2V22 Sad 10 This won't get us Hoover Dam. 195
VMS49ElderDiscussion2V34 VMS49ElderDiscussion2V34 Neutral 50 That could be the only one of its kind. 196