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This is a transcript for dialogue with Niraj Singh.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 002E5AFC 002E5B03 Immediate repairs needed! Concerned reporting.
2 002E5B04 Hello! Eyebot in need of repairs. Concerned reporting.
3 002E5B05 Anyone there? Rover unit in need of repairs. Concerned reporting.
4 002E5B06 Repair me, damn it! Concerned reporting.
5 What? Too harsh? I'll take it out later. Talking to his daughter off screen. Amused that she's scolding him for saying "Repair me, damn it!", thinks it's funny.
7 002E5AFE 002E5B08 This is Rover unit 5, assessing the situation! Peppy and excited
8 002E5B09 If I've formulated this correctly, the main power connection has been severed. Sherlock Holmesish attitude, but with a little excitement.
9 002E5B0A Circuit connections damaged.
10 Or at least they should be. Slightly under breath. Second guessing yourself.
11 00387E85 Reassessing!
12 Come on, Rover, don't let me down... Under the breath, being very hopeful that his plan works.
14 00387EC7 Resealing insulators... With determination
15 00387EC8 Reassessing! With determination
16 00387EC9 Restoring connectors... With determination
17 00387ECA Monitoring temperature... With determination
18 00387ECB Resealing communications box... With determination
19 00389141 Begin repairs!
20 00389142 Clearing workspace... With determination
21 00389143 Restoring physical connections... With determination
22 00389144 Cauterizing... With determination
23 00389214 Analyzing data...
24 00389215 Diagnosing...
25 00389216 Reassessing!
26 00389217 Assessment confirmed. Processing data.
27 00389218 Processing complete. Engaging repair subroutines.
28 00389A24 Engaging diagnostic subroutines. Peppy and excited
29 00389A25 Scanning for damages...
30 002E5AFF 002E5B00 Warning! This is Niraj Singh on an automated priority message.
31 The Scorched Detection Rover unit has been damaged and requires repairs to bring the Relay Tower communications uplink back online.
32 I repeat, the Rover unit is damaged and requires immediate repairs.
33 Please gather the necessary repair materials and proceed to the appropriate Relay Tower for immediate assistance.
34 00592556 00358059 If you're hearing this, it means we should be up and running!
35 And if we're not... well back to the drawing board.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
35 003CB256 003CB260 I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's. I've still got plenty of time to live a normal life... well as normal as can be expected...
36 But the time will come where my health will deteriorate and I can no longer care for myself.
37 I love you both tremendously, and you know that... but I will not be a burden to you, my children. Especially in these dark times.
38 If everything has gone according to plan, hopefully my death has meant something.
39 003CB257 003CB266 To my dearest Abigayle and Calvin.
40 I've instructed Ella to give you this holotape on the event of my death. Please don't blame anything you're about to hear on her.
41 These are my wishes. Ella has respected them, and I expect you to as well.
32 003CB255 003CB269 Please understand why I chose not to tell you. Abbie, you are smart enough to see our work through till the end. Emphasis on "you are" because she is not fully confident.
33 Calvin, you're turning into such a fine young man. Your mother would've been proud, but not as proud as me.
34 You two take care of each other. You're going to make it through this. I know it.
132 003CB4D9 003CB4E7 What you nearly broke was a Scorchbeast lure. It's the best defense we have against them. Explaining, more as a teacher/scientist then someone upset