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Warning! This is Niraj Singh on an automated priority message. The Scorched Detection Rover unit has been damaged and requires repairs to bring the Relay Tower communications uplink back online. Please gather the necessary repair materials and proceed to the appropriate Relay Tower for immediate assistance. I repeat, the Rover unit is damaged and requires immediate repairs.

Niraj Singh was a member of the Free States.


Niraj moved his family to a bunker prior to the Great War. Two years after the bombs fell, Niraj helped the Free States in rebuilding Harpers Ferry after hearing from Raleigh Clay. He was working on an air filter contraption to help with the brutal storms.[1] However, following a seven-year effort, Harpers Ferry was overwhelmed by the Scorched and Niraj fled back to the bunker with his family.

After that, Niraj devoted his time and effort to devising ways to fight the Scorched, for which he established the Scorched Detection System.[2] He worked on the system with Ella Ames and he tasked her with delivering a holotape to his daughter Abigayle in the event of his death.

Niraj was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and kept his illness hidden from his children.[3] Knowing that he would not live long, Niraj taught his daughter so she could finish the Scorched Detection System. Niraj eventually died.


Niraj voices the minor event Always Vigilant. The robot Rover shares his voice.


Niraj Singh is mentioned only in Fallout 76.