The eight Nipton houses are locations in the Mojave Wasteland. One of them is occupied by a hostile Mister Gutsy prototype, while another one is booby-trapped with caged bark scorpions in the first room, and tripwire-activated single shotguns at the doorways.


There are four types of houses in the town.

  • Small white ones.
  • Brown ones with a kind of garage.
  • Long brown bungalows.
  • Some completely destroyed houses.
  • Most have the basic facilities, such as seating, bedroom, and a kitchen, some have work spaces.
  • The small white houses are not rectangular in the inside as the outside of the building would suggest. They have a four-room layout. Both houses differ from each other: one has a master bedroom and a dining room but no sitting area; the other has a bedroom, a sitting area, and a kitchen/dining area. They both have bathrooms.
  • The large bungalows are all correct in size inside. They have a three room layout, a kitchen, a bedroom and dinning/sitting area. The other has a kitchen, a master bedroom, and a large middle space probably a work space. Neither have a bathroom but both have two doors.

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The Nipton houses appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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