The Nipton General Store or Nipton Trading Post is a building in Nipton, located in the Mojave Wasteland.


The general store has two levels. Boxcars (who gives you the quest Booted) is on a chair on the first floor, surrounded by toppled over food items. Upstairs past an easy locked door is an abandoned apartment with a safe. Oliver Swanick can sometimes be seen here if you haven't previously encountered him.


  • The bath tub on the second floor is one of the only bathtubs in the wasteland to have standing water in it.
  • While Boxcars claims to have been crippled by the legion, he will stand and run towards you if attacked.
  • If you stand in the bath tub and jump, the wave created by your impact on the water's surface extends beyond the walls of the tub.
  • There is a safe on the second floor with some caps and other things in it.
  • Food can be found in the first half of the entrance room.


The Nipton General Store appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


There is a Salesman Weekly magazine nested under the counter, but sometimes it cannot be interacted with.


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