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The Nile River is a mentioned only landmark.



The Nile River is mentioned in Fallout 2, Fallout 3, and the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  1. Child: "See the Queen of the Nile!"
    (Den child's dialogue)
  2. The Chosen One: "{135}{}{Their blood will run like the Nile!}"
    (Vault 13 voice interface terminal's information)
  3. Underworld terminal entries; Tulip's terminal, Paradise Lost: Book II
  4. Gilda Broscoe: "Keith and I first met when we acted together in Empire on the Nile. It was a period piece, huge production budget. He played Mark Antony, and I, of course, played Cleopatra. Ooh how I hated that black hair though. Sean Holzman, he was the director you see, well he threw the most lavish set parties. They were absolutely bacchanalian."
    (Gilda Broscoe's dialogue)