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Nikola Tesla and You is a skill book in Fallout 3.


Reading this book permanently improves the Lone Wanderer's Energy Weapons skill by 1 (2 with the Comprehension perk).


Closest map markerLocation description
Arlington LibraryIn the Talon Company recon camp south of the library, on top of a round table on the highest level
Deathclaw sanctuaryIn the first area on a table next to the Endurance bobblehead
Evergreen MillsIn the bazaar area, on top of a bed in one of the cells that surround the topmost room
Farragut West Metro stationIn a room with a terminal and safe
Foggy Bottom stationIn the room with the Protectron on the computer console adjacent to the Protectron charging pad
Fort BannisterIn the Commanding Officer's Quarters, on the roof of a lower catwalk along with a ham radio and ammunition box. It's directly beneath the player when entering the missile silo from the sewer access point
Jocko's Pop & Gas stopInside the gas station
Jury Street Metro stationSouthwest of the entrance, south of the unmarked Calverton church in a broken house. It can easily be reached by walking east from Evergreen Mills
Jury Street Metro stationComplete the Rube's Gold Ribbon unmarked quest inside the Gold Ribbon Grocers
Mason Dixon SalvageOn the table inside the abandoned shack with the broken refrigerator
Mason Dixon SalvageTo the northeast is an abandoned tent with the book inside, on a shelf between two ammunition boxes
MDPL-21 power stationOn a workbench
Megaton*A copy can be found if you buy the Science theme from Moira Brown. It is in the bookcase next to the stairs. Only available by disarming the bomb
Museum of HistoryNear the entrance. In a ladies' bathroom stall
Museum of TechnologyAtrium: In control room overlooking the entrance, next to the maintenance terminal
National Guard depotIn a single room with a door labeled "Authorized Personnel Only" on the lowest floor
Red Racer factoryOn a shelf behind an Average locked door in the CEO offices
RobCo facilityOffices and cafeteria, first floor, the desk in the northwest corner of the office
Robot repair centerNext to a broken Protectron on the first floor
SatCom Array NW-05aMidway to the MDPL-05 power station to the west, at the Raider wharf, on the roof of the boat
Taft Tunnel(while escorting Scientists during The Waters of Life quest): next to Nuka-Cola Quantum on a green bench
The Capitol BuildingIn the Capitol Building West Entrance, on a table behind a Hard locked door
Vault 87In a box near a stone statue in the reactor chamber
Vault 92Near the studio computer
Vault 106Living Quarters, upper catwalk room with school desks and a switched off projector; inside the bottom wooden box in a stack on the large desk


  • If one intends to pick up all 25 skill books, they will have to buy the Science theme for their Megaton house.
  • Buying the Science theme multiple times does not yield any additional books.