Our destiny lies before us. Let us hope we are worthy.

Nicole is the founder and head of a group of pacifists called the Followers of the Apocalypse by 2161.


Nicole is a serene and spiritual person who tends to ramble a bit, but who believes in her group, and in their plan to make the world a better place with their message of peace and nonviolence. She may hold a philosophy of nonviolence, but Nicole hates the Children of the Cathedral, whom she believes to be evil. She has seen Morpheus and the nightkin, and believes the hospitals and good works are a sham - a cover for something dark and malevolent.[1]

Despite her tough outward appearance, she believes that violence never solves anything. Her parents were killed by marauders near the Great Glow leading her to start the Followers of the Apocalypse. She believes in bringing peace back to the land, but is at the same time distrustful of the Children of the Cathedral, especially after she heard of their malpractices via Talius.

She has a spy, Laura, inside the Cathedral of the Children who is probably the most knowledgeable person to speak to about the organization outside of the organization itself. Also one of the most coherent ones, she'd hold long anti-Children spiels.

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  • Destroy the Mutant leader: The Vault Dweller can talk with Nicole for the password to give to Laura, which is 'Red Rider'. Nicole can give various information about her life too. Nicole will send a group of Follower invaders to assist him.

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  • "Greetings. Hey! We're very glad you could join us. We hope you have found our humble abode to your satisfaction."
  • "Morpheus is the leader of the Children of the Cathedral. He is evil, and that fact must be exposed."
  • "We never give up hope. We never will, even though most live by the gun these days. And we are concerned with the Children of the Cathedral..."
  • "Our destiny lies before us. Let us hope we are worthy."
  • "They claim to want peace, like us. But anyone who disagrees with them just disappears. Their Dark God is not what he seems, believe me."


Nicole appears only in Fallout and is mentioned in Fallout Bible. She is a talking head voiced by Pamela Adlon.



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