Gametitle-FO3 BS
Gametitle-FO3 BS

New meeting place is a holodisk in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel. It is recorded by bandit leader Split Jack.


Found on any of the bandits that attacked the caravan during the quest Protecting the Water Way.



Hi, I'm Split Jack. I'm recording this 'cause I figure half you idiots can't read for shit. But you best don't lay this tape around just anywhere!

If you're listening to this, it's 'cause one of my boys thinks he can trust ya. If he's wrong, you're dead. If he's right, then you're gonna be rich!

Got us a plan, see. We hit the water mules with the Brotherhood busy fighting the Enclave. Soon they'll wanna give up the whole delivery thing.

Then we offer our "protection services." Wasteland's dangerous and all. We charge 'em steep. On top of it, we SELL the water to who ever we want.

If you want in, ride out with the next ambush. Stash the water when its done, the regulars will show you where, and then get up to Grandma Sparkle's.

Grandma loves visitors and keeps her mouth shut. That and she cooks a mean stew. So that's where we meet.

Wilhelm's Wharf. It's on the river. Don't get lost.

Oh, and memorize the pass phrase. It's "Mirelurk Stew". If you forget it, don't bother coming 'round. You'll get shot. No kidding.

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