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The New River Gorge ropes course,[1] officially the New River Gorge Nature Trail and Adventure Park,[Non-canon 1] is an unmarked location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2103.


Staged amid the trees in the forest north of the New River Gorge Resort, this ropes course offers individuals a challenge of acrobatic maneuvers with the primary goal of reaching the top of the tower.[Non-canon 1][Non-canon 2] At some point after the Great War, Tumblin' Joe briefly made the tower his home before falling to his death from said tower.[2]


The main part of the ropes course can be accessed by heading up a flight of stairs that leads to a small platform. Four first aid boxes can be looted throughout the course. After traversing a thin bridge, the first main obstacle is a larger, but more treacherous wooden bridge. Following the series of platforms, the next objective is to clear a series of wooden squares hanging from wires, jumping from each square until reaching the next buffer. The third objective is to traverse a series of horizontal logs, similarly hanging from wires, though they have farther distance between each other than the squares. Once this section is cleared, the final part of the course is to jump across a series of vertical logs, creating much smaller targets to land on with one's jumps. Once this is done, the performing acrobat is rewarded with various loot, including random container items, several aid consumables, including stimpaks, and the chance for a bobblehead. There is an observation deck overlooking the forest to the west of the course itself, as well as some smaller, low-stakes obstacle courses on the ground below the main ropes course.

Notable loot


The New River Gorge ropes course appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

After level designer Steve Massey told another designer to "spice up" the New River Gorge ropes course, said designer decorated the final tower and added Tumblin' Joe, whom Massey referred to as one of the first NPCs in the game. Massey found Joe and his note hilarious, and helped the designer polish the work.[Non-canon 3]



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