The easternmost district of New Reno is the East Side, under the Wrights' control.


Nearly the entire area is covered by the Wrights' mansion and a narrow-gauge railway station across the street. Since the Wright family has a strict policy of staying away from drugs, the Chosen One won't be able to get their hands on any here, which isn't the case with the other crime families of New Reno.



  • If the player character wants to assassinate the Wright leader, they can give one of the kids outside of his mansion any sort of pistol and tell them to "wave it around in daddy's face and pull the trigger."
  • If the Chosen One talks to one the children running around outside of the mansion at around noon and ask them what they are doing, they will tell him they are playing "metal insects." Giving one of the kids a pistol and passing a Speech check will allow him to see a transaction between raiders and the Enclave. Staying still during the transaction and simply watching will earn 1,500 XP. Later, all of the children will end up dead, having shot themselves with the pistol. The only way to avoid this scenario is to not give the children a pistol and only pass the Speech check, this does, however, require the Chosen One to not have any pistols in their inventory.


New Reno East Side appears only in Fallout 2.

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