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You need guns, you go see my man Eldridge. He's got shit that'll kill people you ain't even MET yet.Jules

New Reno Arms is the large gun emporium run by Eldridge in New Reno West Side, the Commercial Row of New Reno.


The single largest store in the entirety of Reno, the New Reno Arms focuses on weapons and ammunition. Within its walls are stockpiled vast amounts of ordnance, divided into two types of stock. The basic one covers good, powerful weapons and is available to any client. The special one is reserved for made men of the Reno crime families. Eldridge sells to all families in New Reno, without preference. As he is the single largest supplier of guns, the families accept this and allow Eldridge to maintain his neutrality.

However, Eldridge does not sell guns out of the kindness of his heart. He makes a killing profit on the sales, not to mention custom upgrades for weapons, handled by Algernon, an idiot savant and a mechanical genius he keeps in the basement. Algernon lives in the basement of New Reno Arms tinkering amid the squalor and scattered parts surrounding him. The basement includes a fair array of tools, ammo, and even a howitzer. Algernon will also upgrade weapons for free. Eldridge's love of pre-War relics means he has plenty to give to Algernon to keep him amused (and maybe build a nuclear missile that will allow Algernon to keep Reno hostage).[1] Eldridge pays Jules on Virgin Street to send newcomers his way and also pays for an advertising slot during boxing matches at the Jungle Gym.

Judging by the presence of NCR propaganda and historical materials in his shop, Eldridge at least sympathizes with the Republic's goals.


Main floor

Fo2 New Reno Arms.png

The Arms is divided into two levels. The ground floor is where Eldridge's workshop, quarters, and trade area are located. Customers deal with Eldridge in the large central room, where a simple table with two chairs is provided for trade negotiations and weapons are safely kept behind a chain link cage surrounding the area. The private areas house the aforementioned workshop and living quarters, the latter particularly spartan, with a single field bed, run down cabinets, and three dogs (Packard, Buck, and Missy) keeping watch. Eldridge knows they bark a lot, so he is content to just shout at them to shut up, rather than inspect what makes them bark. Behind the metal shelves in his quarters lies the entrance to the basement.


Fo2 New Reno Arms Basement.png

The basement is a large area filled with pre-War relics, ranging from junk to actual treasures (including a howitzer). This is Algernon's domain, who will happily upgrade any weapons for free. A sharp-eyed player can also find plenty of loot, including upgraded leather armor, an electronic lockpick, batteries, and even an actual Easter egg.

Eldridge will turn hostile if one sneaks into the basement at night.

Notable loot

  • NCR history holodisk - In the cupboard behind Eldridge's dog.
  • A rare 9mm Mauser - In a footlocker with some ammo.
  • Easter egg - In a pot, southeast corner of the basement.
  • Rubber boots - In the dresser, near the center of the south wall of the basement.
  • Electronic lock pick - In the hidden fridge in the upper left corner in the basement. Can be used together with the boots, to rescue Smiley
  • Guns and Bullets - On the collapsed shelves in Eldridge's quarters. You need to injure the dog enough to cause it to flee, or kill the dog, to get to it.
  • Dean's Electronics - Inside the workshop in the back room.

Shop inventory

Weapons Armor and clothing Ammunition Items and Consumables

Shop inventory (Made Men only)



New Reno Arms appears only in Fallout 2.



  1. Fallout Bible 6: "1g. How did that guy from New Reno Arms get vault-tec speech module? And how did that friend of Vic ( from vault city ) get the "vault13 flasks" ( I don't remeber that it was explained in FO2 )? Oh, and why Enclave didn't do anything about master after he took vault-tec demonstration vault? BTW. How did master move, he's just a big peace of crap!
    Vault-Tec speech module: He got it from a traveling merchant (similar to how Vic got the V13 water flask). Eldridge likes to collect old Pre-War relics and throw it in his basement to keep Algernon amused - and in the hopes the kid will build a nuclear missile he can use to hold all of New Reno hostage."