You need guns, you go see my man Eldridge. He's got shit that'll kill people you ain't even MET yet.Jules

New Reno Arms is the large gun emporium run by Eldridge in New Reno West Side.


It supplies a formidable variety of guns, ammo, and armor. Eldridge pays Jules on Virgin Street to send newcomers his way and also pays for an advertising slot during boxing matches at the Jungle Gym. It can be inferred that Eldridge is a supporter of the NCR by the numerous NCR posters and the promotional NCR history holodisk found in his shop. Also, the New Reno Arms is the only independent store in New Reno, not affiliated to any of the mafia families.

All retrofitting of weapons provided by Eldridge is performed by the munitions savant Algernon. Algernon lives in the basement of New Reno Arms tinkering amid the squalor and scattered parts surrounding him. The basement includes a fair array of tools, ammo, and even a howitzer. Algernon will also upgrade weapons for free.

Eldridge also reserves a special stock of heavy weapons offered at discount prices exclusively to a Made Man of any family.

Notable lootEdit

  • NCR history holodisk - In the cupboard behind Eldridge's dog.
  • A rare 9mm Mauser - In a footlocker with some ammo.
  • Easter egg - In a pot, southeast corner of the basement.
  • Rubber boots - In the dresser, near the center of the south wall of the basement.
  • Electronic lock pick - In the hidden fridge in the upper left corner in the basement. Can be used together with the boots, to rescue Smiley
  • Guns and Bullets - On the collapsed shelves in Eldridge's quarters. You need to injure the dog enough to cause it to flee, or kill the dog, to get to it.
  • Dean's Electronics - Inside the workshop in the back room.


New Reno Arms appears only in Fallout 2.


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