New Gad is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


The location was founded among the ruins of Gad, an abandoned village flooded when the Summersville Lake was created after damming the Gauley River and New Gad was established by raiders after the dam was blown up during the Christmas Flood of 2082. The flood wiped out Charleston, but allowed the raiders to create a shantytown among the muddy ruins, building on the remnants of the village in their own unique style.[1]


New Gad is a shantytown at the bottom of the empty Summersville Lake, oriented between an overturned ship in the northeast and a tugboat that settled upright on the lake bottom in the south, against a small hill. Between is a mostly-wooden, multi-story maze of a shantytown. Points of interest include the large shack in the center, with an armor workbench and a steamer trunk inside, just east of the green tug boat (which contains a locked safe), a chemistry workbench directly south of the steamer trunk shack, and a cooking station near the improvised hospital in the east.

An armor workbench is located on the top level. A chemistry station is located in a trailer toward the bottom. A brewing station is located at the ground level of the main structure.

Notable loot

  • Message to Beckley - Holotape, on a dining table in the upper levels of the shanty with the steamer trunk and red smokestack, on the level with the black and white parasol over a couch while viewing the north end.
  • Tear it all down - Note, on the very top of the shanty with the red smokestack, on a table next to a cooler, lunchbox and chair.
  • New Gad safe key - On a table in the metal RV with the chemistry station near the south end of the town. Opens a safe in a shed built on top of a tug boat at the south end of the area, with the water purifiers on the back.


New Gad appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The town of Gad was a real-life town in Nicholas County on McKee's Creek that was bought-out by the United States Army Corps of Engineers during the construction of the Summersville Lake. It was located near the marina and possibly named after the real-life Gadd family.



  1. Name of the town and its location are a reference to the historic village of Gad, now at the bottom of the reservoir.
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