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New Canaan Connection was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


Jeremiah Rigdon, the living prophet of New Canaan, wishes to enter into a trade agreement with Phil, Sparky, and Frank at Burham Springs. In exchange for a regular supply of coal, Jeremiah will trade corn, brahmin milk, brahmin beef, and water. However, he is concerned that the trio at Burham Springs may fire at will on the New Canaanites if they approach. He would like the PC to go negotiate with them and establish a trade caravan.

Character type completion breakdown

  1. Diplomacy Boy - The PC needs to do one of the following a) Use Persuasion to convince Phil to trade with the New Canaanites, then return to Jeremiah and tell him or b) Get the quest, wait two weeks, then lie to Jeremiah about how much the trio are looking forward to trading with the New Canaanites. The latter will later have repercussions with Jeremiah, but the trio won't actually attack the New Canaanites if they come down (though it will cause an initial confrontation). c) Use Barter to explain to Frank that this is a good trade relationship that they will be unable to reproduce with any surrounding communities.
  2. Combat, Science, Stealth Boy - There is no completion path specifically for these character types.

Journal entries

Normal Journal

1 Jeremiah Rigdon asked me to negotiate a trade agreement with the three salvagers at Burham Springs. He wants to make sure that the trio have no hostility towards the residents of New Canaan.
2 I appealed to Phil's good side and convinced him to trade with the New Canaanites. Now I just have to tell Jeremiah.
3 I talked to Frank and explained to him how he simply wasn't going to get a better trade deal from any other community around Burham Springs. That convinced him to trade with New Canaan. Now I just have to tell Jeremiah.
4 Jeremiah wanted to know about the progress I've made with Burham Springs. I fed him a line about how the guys at Burham Springs had no problem with trading, and the chump bought it.
5Quest finishedI guess Jeremiah doesn't like people lying to him. He kicked me out of town because one of their merchants got wounded when they went down and surprised the guys at Burham Springs.

Dumb Journal

1 Jeremiah ask me go talk to guys at Burham Springs. Want to trade but is afraid. HA HA I MADE POEM!
2 Talk to Phil. Tell him New Canaanananananites are good. He okay with trade now. Must tell Jeremiah.
3 Talk to Frank. Tell him trade is only good with New Canaan. Frank understand. He okay with trade now. Must tell Jeremiah.
4 Jeremiah ask me about Burham Spring talking. Lie to him, ha ha. Tell him Burham Spring guys like New Canaan. Jeremiah so gulli... gulilblelel.. Jeremiah so dumb.
5Quest finishedJeremiah kick me out of town because I lie to him about Burham Springs. Merchant went down there got shot by Frank. Uh oh. Bye bye Mormons.