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The town was founded by Prophet Judah Black in 2235, among the ruins of the once great city of Ogden. The settlers were survivors from New Jerusalem, a previous Mormon settlement established in Salt Lake City, the destroyed pre-War capital. Refugees of the NCR-Brotherhood War had stormed the town after false rumors that the inhabitants were hoarding food circulated. Out of the shattered glass and broken steel of SLC, Black led his people north, to Ogden. The community suffered as they rebuilt, but prevailed, despite numbering barely a hundred. After Judah Black's death in 2245, the community's leadership passed to Jeremiah Rigdon, who claimed to have experienced visions from God in 2247. Though many believed in him, some distrusted him and left.[1][2]


The outskirts border on the Great Salt Lake, Utah, and consist primarily of ruined buildings occupied by squatters and drifters, (like the west end of Klamath in Fallout 2). The main problem in this area is the presence of NCR refugees. Some of them are bad seeds and dislike the strict rules and regulations of the town. A few of them even stay outside of the crude town walls themselves, having been exiled from the community for immoral behavior. This is actually very troublesome, as Jeremiah Maxwell only distributes free water to people living inside the town itself. The primary features of this map are the eastern wall and gate, the squatter houses, the guardhouse, the general store, and the slaughterhouse.[3][4]

Every day, Jeremiah and several brave Mormons journey out to have supper with the refugees on the exterior. Once a person has been expelled, the only way they are allowed back into Canaan is by submitting to the Mormon baptismal rite.

The town borders on the Great Salt Lake. It is surrounded by concrete and makeshift walls. The Canaanites keep most of their houses and businesses here. The town section is cleaner than the outskirts section, and relatively intact, considering an atomic firestorm once swept through the area. In addition to the modest homes and farms of the Canaanites, the main features of the town are the church, the New Canaan sheriff's office/jail, and the pump house. Jeremiah Rigdon and two priests are generally found at the church, though all three have homes of their own. One of the most important aspects of the New Canaan community is its racial tolerance. Four ghouls (one glowing) and one super mutant mark the extremes of a very mixed community.

Ogden's Union Station sits unused. If the player gets the trains up and working, he or she can take the train here. A few people live near the train tracks, including most of the super mutant and ghoul members of the Mormon faith. It's a little messier than the town itself but not as bad as the outskirts.



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New Canaan would have appeared in the canceled Fallout 3 project, Van Buren.

Behind the scenes[]

According to the location's design document, the design for this town was inspired by The Mission and The Last Temptation of Christ, as well as the opening of The Gunslinger.


New Canaan