You are the great western light of California, torchbearers in the darkness, living reminders of all that is best in our republic.President Kimball

The New California Republic Army is the standing land-based military force of the New California Republic, and is one of the largest known armed forces in the post-War United States.


The origins of the NCR Army are not detailed, however, by 2241 it was the largest standing force in New California composed of several divisions.

Some amount of time after the Destruction of Control Station ENCLAVE, an early major engagement of the NCR Army took place during the NCR-Enclave conflict, where the NCR, alongside the Brotherhood of Steel, overran and annihilated the Enclave's last known holding in New California.

The NCR Army has continued to grow and serve the NCR's interests, securing its expansion and protecting territories under its control. It has distinguished itself both in its near destruction of various raider tribes such as the Vipers, the Jackals and the Khans and proved quite resilient in the war against the Brotherhood of Steel.

By 2281 they were the largest armed forces in the entire Mojave Wasteland, rivaled only by Caesar's Legion, who were gathering their forces for another attack on Hoover Dam.[citation needed] The Republic protected Hoover Dam and other outlying territories falling under the limited jurisdiction they possess in the Mojave Wasteland, though the stalemate with the Legion forced them to stretch their forces far and thin along the Colorado River.

This resulted in the loss of Camp Searchlight and Nelson to frumentarii attacks.


Troopers are volunteer and conscripted forces in the NCR's military. They vary widely in devotion, experience, and even in basic equipment. What they lack in consistency they make up for in numbers.Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

The military's organization is inspired by the pre-War American structure, although adapted to the much smaller population of the wastelands. The standard level of organization of infantry forces is the battalion, which in turn is divided into companies under the command of a Captain. Companies are in turn divided up into platoons, for example Lieutenant Hayes in Primm is in charge of a platoon which belong to the 1st Company, 5th Battalion. These are sometimes divided into squads (created at the Commanding Officer's discretion) and are typically led by a sergeant or other non-commissioned officer, for example Sergeant Lee, who commands the strike force sent to retake the NCR Correctional Facility from the Powder Gangers.

Other branches in the military separate from the regular army include NCR Recon (which includes 1st Recon), the NCR Heavy Infantry Corps which are under direct command of General Lee Oliver, medical corps, logistics corps (quartermasters are typically non-commissioned officers) and the NCR military police.

Military bases of the army, typically called camps, are always under the command of a commissioned officer (usually a major e.g. Polatli or Knight). The larger camps that train recruits, such as Camp McCarran, will also have Drill Sergeants.

The Chief of Staff is the highest-ranking member of the army, serving as its commander. In 2281, the Army Chief of Staff is General Lee Oliver.

Rank StructureEdit

The NCR Army utilizes a structure of rank that is based off the old United States Army. Members of the army are divided into commissioned officers and enlisted. Enlisted members with leadership authority are called non-commissioned officers. Known ranks of the NCR Army are:

Commissioned Officers

  • General
  • Brigadier General
  • Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • First Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant


  • Sergeant Major
  • First Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Sergeant First Class
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Specialist
  • Private First Class
  • Private Second Class [1]
  • Private

Basic TrainingEdit

The NCR Army of 2281 features a basic training regimen, consisting of a two-to-three week series of abbreviated tutelage on weapons familiarity and explosive ordnance handling, along with intense physical conditioning. The reason for this short training period is to produce field-ready troops as soon as possible, to meet the fitted needs for personnel size based on their mission, especially with the Mojave Occupation where there are high casualties and troops are killed daily. Drill Sergeants run the basic training courses at various bases, such as Camp McCarran.


The New California Republic's military is large and diverse, composed of several dedicated branches, the largest of which is the infantry.

Infantry CorpsEdit


The service rifle, the main firearm of NCR troops.

The bulk of the infantry is composed of troopers, a mixture of trained volunteers and conscripts that are employed in offensive and defensive missions. The majority of troopers seen in the Mojave are infantry, and every trooper receives basic infantry training regardless of their specialty in the army. The infantry is the first and last line of defense and offense for the army, and its members are expected to go into action regularly against any and all enemies of the NCR, ranging from Fiends to Caesar's Legion. The numerous mutated beasts of the wasteland are no less hostile, so army infantry must be equally ready to fight them as well.

The regular infantry composes the majority of the army's combat strength, but the Heavy Infantry Corps and the Rangers add to it significantly, offering heavy infantry and elite light infantry/special forces capabilities to NCR Army commanders. The Infantry Corps also includes specialized units like 1st Recon, formally 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, an elite sniper unit that goes by the motto "The Last Thing You Never See."

Heavy Infantry CorpsEdit

The Heavy Infantry Corps are much better trained and equipped than the standard troopers, serving directly under the personal command of General Lee Oliver. They are equipped with NCR salvaged power armor, suits of scavenged T-45d power armor with the servos and pistons removed, which the NCR gained from their war with the Brotherhood of Steel, giving them superior protection than the standard soldiers. They carry heavy weaponry, such as the high-capacity light machine guns, and occasionally heavy incinerators.


A separate special forces branch, known as the NCR Rangers, became a part of the NCR Army in 2271. The Desert Rangers signed the Ranger Unification Treaty with the NCR at the Mojave Outpost, in which they agreed to become part of the NCR military in exchange for protection of Hoover Dam and Nevada from Caesar's Legion. Most Rangers wear NCR-designed Ranger patrol armor, while veterans opt for the so-called Black armor: a traditional Desert Ranger trenchcoat worn together with a pre-War riot armor and helmet. Rangers have access to superior weapons, such as trail carbines, anti-materiel rifles and brush guns. These weapons have a slower rate of fire than the standard service rifle, but they also possess greater stopping power per round.

The Rangers perform a variety of specialized tasks, handling things that are too difficult or outside of the regular army's role. They are trained to be ready for anything and everything, and are both the army's special forces and its shock troops. Even Caesar's Legion holds respect for the Rangers, with common legionaries calling them "the best the Profligates have to offer." One special role of the Rangers is the NCR Ranger hit squad, a small force of Rangers tasked with eliminating individuals who have become especially dangerous enemies of the NCR.

A difference between Rangers and the rest of the army is they do not use the standard army rank structure. There are no privates, sergeants, lieutenants, colonels or generals in the Rangers. The only rank that exists is ranger. The only exception to this is the chief, who serves as the commander of the Rangers. In 2281, the Rangers were led by Chief Hanlon.

Air ForceEdit

Responsible for all aviation operations within the NCR Army, the Air Force is one of the army's smallest branches. The NCR has very limited airpower; its small fleet of captured Vertibirds is strictly reserved for political or military VIPs. Out of those Vertibirds, at least one Vertibird named "Bear Force One" serves the President of the New California Republic's personal transport.

Logistics CorpsEdit

Responsible for supply, ordnance and transportation operations, the Logistics Corps supports the entire NCR Army. It is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and distribution of all manner of supplies within the army, and has even obtained and begun to use motorized vehicles. However, the exact number and the type of vehicles is unknown.[2][3] It is known that the Logistics Corps possesses a number of scavenged US Army trucks, which can be used for moving troops, equipment and supplies. These are kept running by a dedicated team of mechanics and well-stocked workshops, such as the truck repair depot at Camp McCarran.


The NCR Army has at least one functional Robobrain which is stationed at Hoover Dam.

Military Police CorpsEdit

The NCR Army has a dedicated law enforcement corps. The Military Police enforce military law on all NCR Army posts, and are responsible for watching their fellow troopers as much as the base perimeter. MPs can be seen on duty at Camp Forlorn Hope and at Camp McCarran.

The Military Police, under the leadership of Captain Marie Pappas, also pull duty on the New Vegas Strip, keeping regular NCR Army troopers in line when they come to the Strip on leave. This duty is complicated by Mr. House's securitrons, whom the MPs are forced to work alongside as part of an uneasy peace with House. The MPs on the Strip are mandated by treaty to use non-lethal weapons only, but Captain Pappas can openly carry a firearm as the MP in command. Lastly, the Military Police provide security for the NCR Embassy and all of its personnel, namely Ambassador Dennis Crocker.

Relations with the outsideEdit

The NCR's military doesn't like being in the role of "peace-keeper". Crimes across the Mojave are typically punished by death.Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

The NCR Army is not intended to fulfill any role other than a military one. Matters of diplomacy are left to be decided by the civilian branch of the government, such as the president, the congress and foreign ambassadors like Dennis Crocker. Nonetheless, army troopers and officers sometimes find themselves forced into being soldiers and law enforcement officers in the Mojave, where civilian law and order is next to nonexistent and a faction's rules extend as far as the range of its guns. Some, like Colonel James Hsu, handle these complications about as smoothly as is possible, but others, like Colonel Cassandra Moore, stick completely to soldiering and refuse to play cop or peacekeeper.

The NCR Army has a widely varied reputation in the Mojave in 2281. Whether it is looked upon as an evil or benign organization, or anything in between, depends greatly on what affiliations a person has.

Groups that are considered enemies of the NCR, such as Caesar's Legion, the Great Khans, Brotherhood of Steel and the Fiends are all openly hostile towards NCR military personnel, and frequently clash in violent battles. Due to their mutual hatred for the NCR, Caesar's Legion sent an emissary to the Great Khans on the pretext of forming an alliance to fight them by absorbing the Khans into the Legion.

Some small bands of settlers are antagonistic towards the NCR Army (and the NCR as a whole) because of feelings of unwanted imperialism or complaints of poor quality of governance. Bandits and raiders are hostile to the army because they want to do whatever they please, to whomever they please, something the army is not willing to allow.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

As large as the NCR Army is and as much as it is expected to do, the army has found it practical to utilize mass-produced equipment made from durable materials that perform reliably and can survive harsh treatment. The NCR Army is visibly different from other armed groups in the wastelands of the former United States, possessing a remarkably standardized line of equipment and weapons.

The army's standard infantry weapon is the semi-automatic 5.56mm service rifle, but troopers can also be equipped with hunting rifles, varmint rifles or caravan shotguns when there are shortages. Specialized units like the 1st Reconnaissance specifically choose the hunting rifle over the service rifle because of the former's greater effective range and more potent .308 round.

The M&A 9mm pistol is the standard sidearm of all members of the NCR Army. All of these weapons are provided by the Gun Runners, who handle a majority of the weapons contracts of the army. Uniforms for troopers is standardized NCR armor, supplied by the Crimson Caravan Company. It consists of a reinforced leather breastplate on the torso and upper back, supported by leather shoulder pads worn over brown fatigues. Despite the modest training and equipment the troopers receive, it is superior to equipment employed by most adversaries of the NCR, namely raiders, nomadic tribes or the numerous recruit legionaries of Caesar, who are rarely sent into battle wielding more than a mere machete or crude pistols.

The NCR possess various pre-War weapons and equipment as well. Hoover Dam is protected by an anti-aircraft gun capable of firing flak shells to bring down aircraft. After the NCR gained control of the HELIOS One facility by forcefully taking it from the Brotherhood of Steel in Operation: Sunburst, they had unknowingly gained possession of the Archimedes I and Archimedes II super-weapons.


The New California Republic has gone to war several times. A chronological order of the wars they fought are as followed:


The New California Republic Army appears in Fallout: New Vegas, is mentioned in Fallout 2 and is covered in the Fallout Bible.



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