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The New Appalachia Bank or New Appalachian Bank was a pre-War financial institution located at the New Appalachian Central Trainyard in Appalachia.


On September 28, 2077, an armored train was set to arrive at the trainyard to transport the contents of the bank's vault. Meanwhile, Cary Skinner, their brother, and New Appalachian Railroad employee Al Wortzik conspired to rob the train while it was held up at the trainyard.[1][2]

The heist was not successful, resulting in a deadly explosion that alongside loss of life, extensively damaged the bank's superstructure, rendering it uninhabitable.[3] In response, the company sent a memo expressing consolation to those impacted, and instructions to contact bank administration immediately for temporary job assignments.[3]


The bank is located inside of the building that is situated between Highway 63 and the railroad tracks. It is a strip-mall style combination of ticketing lobby, bank, and post office. Much of the building is collapsed and in disrepair, traversable by sloped rubble and an intact staircase. The bank's ransacked vault is located on the first floor, containing a duffle bag and human remains. An office is situated on the second floor.

On the building's roof is a cooking station and some junk items. There is a scene with two teddy bears, one examining the other, and the remains of an individual who was tending to birds and collecting bird-related tchotchkes. A deceased raider hangs over the edge of the rooftop near the cooking station.

Notable loot


Notes refer to the location as the "New Appalachia Bank" and the signage reads "New Appalachian Bank."


The New Appalachian Bank appears only in Fallout 76.