The Nevada Highway Patrol station is a location just south-south-west of Primm that is used as a base of operations for members of the Jackals.



Two convicts will spawn on the highway when the Courier first enters the area, and will give a warning to back away before they resort to more hostile measures. Getting any closer at this point will cause them to become hostile. If left alone, they will walk toward the patrol station, where they will fight with the Jackal gang leader lurking in front of it. An additional Jackal gang member waits at the south side of the station.

In front of the building are a few run-down police cars, one of which contains a skeleton and two suitcases containing 20 pre-War money and some Jet. The entrance, with "FUCK YOU" spray painted on it is to the right side of the building. Also written on the north wall is "I wish I was at the Sierra Madre."

The hilly area to the west of the station is infested with feral ghouls, which occasionally approach the station.


When the Courier enters the station, two more Jackal gang members will be quite close by. They fortunately tend to resort to melee weapons when they attack, giving a bit of extra time to take them out without incident.

A giant mantis nymph also lurks in the first room, in a strange detente with the gang members. This first room also contains a few filing cabinets, a couple of desks, and an inoperable terminal. On the rear desk lies a copy of Guns and Bullets.

The door to the left leads to a hallway with two water fountains (+5 Rads) and two bathroom doors; the first of which is locked (Very Easy). The first bathroom contains a first aid box with random contents; the first aid box in the other bathroom is always empty. Another giant mantis nymph awaits here - usually in the first bathroom but occasionally in the hallway.

At the end of the hallway is a jail cell room with a dead prospector surrounded by five giant mantis nymphs. Most of the nymphs are trapped in the jail cell where they can be picked off easily through the bars, but at least one often begins outside of it.

A reloading bench, an ammo box, and a desk with some chems round out the rest of the room's contents.

Notable lootEdit


  • This area's containers do not reset their inventories (aside from the darker colored filing cabinets), making this location mostly safe for a makeshift player character home.
  • Based on the real-world locations of Primm and Nipton, this "Nevada" highway patrol station appears to be in California.
  • The dead prospector's body will never disappear.


The Nevada Highway Patrol Station appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

This location is based on the Nevada Highway Patrol Substation located in Jean, Nevada.


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