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Nevada 157 is a roadway in the Mojave Wasteland.


A pre-War highway beginning at the Jacobstown lodge, continuing down Mount Charleston into the Vegas valley to its terminus at Highway 95. The road is the only way to get to Jacobstown, thus making travel on it necessary to access quests such as Guess Who I Saw Today.

The road is also used to access Ranger Station Foxtrot and the Remnants bunker, both of which are located off paths leading south of the route near the Silver Peak mine. The Ruby Hill Mine and Followers safehouse are both located near the road's northeastern terminus.

Giant mantises, which appear frequently along the route, are the only significant threat to travelers at first. To the south of the road, west of the Remnants bunker, cazadores appear in groups of three to four. The area has unique characteristics, such as pine trees and snow. Bighorners are common in the area near Silver Peak mine.


Nevada 157 appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

Nevada 157 is based on the real world Nevada State Route 157, which follows an equivalent trajectory, connecting the Las Vegas area to the recreational areas of Mount Charleston beginning at Highway 95.


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