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The Neusbaum residence is a house in the Tranquility Lane simulation in Fallout 3. It is the residence of George, Pat and Timmy Neusbaum.


The residence of George and Pat Neusbaum and their child Timmy, with neighbors the Rockwells to one side and an empty house on the other.


Timmy runs a lemonade stand in front of the house, where he is selling the beverage for five cents. As with all houses in Tranquility Lane, it has two stories with the front door entering into the living room. The other ground level rooms are a bathroom and a kitchen.

Upstairs, the house has another bathroom and two bedrooms. Timmy's room contains a single bed, while George and Pat's room has a double. A military school brochure can be found here.


  • The Neusbaum residence contains one special item that can be interacted with to complete Betty's tasks, namely the military school brochure.
  • If the Lone Wanderer makes Timmy cry during the quest, he will disappear and be replaced with a gnome on the Neusbaum's porch.
  • The cups and pitchers set up at Timmy's lemonade stand are empty.


The Neusbaum residence appears only in Fallout 3.