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Neponset Park is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Once a weekend getaway for the people of Massachusetts, this small coastal campground[1] was practically abandoned when Quincy Quarries was reactivated.[2]

The personal terminal entries available in the main locked cabin written by Charles Dieter Jr. mention the noise coming from Quincy Quarries. If the Sole Survivor chooses to travel to the quarry, they will find that it was being built very hastily, as it was intended to bury and conceal several tons of nuclear waste, causing it to be irradiated.


Neponset Park consists of two small one-room cabins next to the shore and a caravan slightly to the west. The most singular feature of the area is the enemies, which include a mirelurk hunter, several common mirelurks, and possibly a mirelurk king. There are also three barnacle traps, with two just outside the southern cabin and one just inside the caravan.

Notable loot

  • Park sign in - A note inside the small caravan by the road, on top of the desk with the barnacle trap.
  • Neponset cabin key and Last entry note - Next to the corpse of Charles Dieter Jr. beneath the overpass to the south, just east of Quincy Quarries.
  • A suit of leveled power armor - Underwater in a pond beneath the overpass to the northwest. The pond also contains a partially submerged and rusted APC. The pond may also be found by heading directly north from the small refueling station near the road just west of Neponset Park.

Related quests


Companions have unique comments for this location.

Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "Quaint little cabins. Too bad the mirelurks have ruined the view."
Codsworth "An ideal spot for some light camping, I'd say. Minus the mirelurks, of course."
Curie "Oh, look, a park."
Danse "We might want to skip searching these cabins. The entire area's been compromised by mirelurks."
Deacon "If we got rid of the Mirelurks, Neponset Park would be a pretty nice place."
John Hancock "Lose the bloodthirsty crabs, and this place'd be real nice."
Nick Valentine "No matter how lovely, no water is safe from Mirelurks."
Piper Wright "I mean the area's nice, but I'm not sure about the neighbors."
Preston Garvey "Exactly the kind of place mirelurks love to nest in."
Robert MacCready "I'd love to see the ads for this place. Quiet, cozy cabins with a lakeside view and in-room mirelurk service."
X6-88 "Where's there's water, there are always Mirelurks."


Neponset Park appears only in Fallout 4.



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    Once a weekend getaway for the Dieter family, this small coast park is now infested with Mirelurks. Inspect the barnacle-clad trailer and two cabins; one is locked (Advanced) but has a steamer trunk and notes from the family on a terminal."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
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