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Neon Flats is an obtainable apartment in Goodneighbor in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Neon Flats."


The building consists of three floors, including the ground floor/lobby, second floor, and top floor.

The lobby is rather straight forward, having only a small reception area with a terminal related to the quest Neon Winter, and an elevator that leads to the second floor. There are also two inaccessible doors that cannot be entered even after unlocking the first and second floors. The first floor is furnished with a kitchen, living room and workstation/bedroom in addition to a few small entry rooms including a secret room with its entrance being adjacent to the bed. The second floor is mostly empty save for a bathroom and kitchen. The third floor is very open, lacking many of the dividing walls the pre-furnished apartment has, making it ideal for settlement building.

Notable loot


Despite the apartment and lobby being clean and well preserved the elevators appear tarnished and dirty.


Neon Flats appears only in Fallout 4's Creation Club content "Neon Flats."

Behind the scenes

Neon Flats was created by Tom Seddon, who was responsible for creating the apartment structures, assets, textures, and animations for the assets. The creation comes with over 30 new workshop items to craft.[1]