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This is a transcript for dialogue with Pete.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You're back. When you walked off in the middle of our people's story, I thought you must be bored. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 You killed Mother Pearl! Get out of here, outsider! 2
GREETING Neutral 50 You killed Loyal! Get out of here, outsider! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 You're the outsider! Mother Pearl sent word that you'd be stopping by. You must be eager to hear the story of our people! 4
GREETING Neutral 50 I heard about what you've done around here, and I have nothing to say to you, outsider. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 People around here are a bit upset with you, outsider, but I think there is hope for you yet. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 I've seen the bomber! It's... spectacular. The mural is coming true - thanks to you! 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Were you interested in hearing the story of our people any time soon, perhaps? 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Now that you know the story of our people, you must have all sorts of questions! 9
GREETING Neutral 50 How can I help you, Outsider? 10
VEndingBoomers VEndingBoomers Neutral 50 {Narrating} Without organized leadership, the remaining Boomers slowly drifted away, leaving Nellis Air Force Base to be flooded by prospectors and scavengers. 11
Neutral 50 All of the Boomers' accumulated knowledge quickly scattered, and their existence slowly faded from memory. 12
VEndingBoomers Neutral 50 {Narrating} After the battle of Hoover Dam, the NCR mounted several campaigns against the Boomers, but all were quickly ended by the Boomers' artillery. 13
Neutral 50 {Narrating} Over time, as the Boomers found a need for gun powder, they developed a relationship with the Gun Runners, trading their surplus crops for munitions. 14
VEndingBoomers Neutral 50 {Narrating} Mr. House showed little interest in the Boomers and left them to themselves in Nellis. 15
Neutral 50 The tribe remained fortified in Nellis with their backs to the world. 16
VEndingBoomers Neutral 50 {Narrating} The Boomers defended themselves against many attacks from the Legion, but they eventually fell to the Legion's superior numbers. 17
Neutral 50 The Legion enslaved the Boomers and erased any memory of their existence from the wasteland. 18
VEndingBoomers Neutral 50 {Narrating} With little law left in the wasteland, the Boomers continued to defend themselves against the prospectors and scavengers invading their territory. 19
VEndingBoomers Neutral 50 {Narrating} With the help of the Gun Runners, the Boomers developed a healthy trading relationship with the NCR. 20
Neutral 50 Eventually the Boomers began wandering out into the wasteland, while still preventing outsiders from entering Nellis. 21
VEndingBoomers Neutral 50 {Narrating} Mr. House showed little interest on the Boomers, who eventually began venturing out of Nellis to meet and trade with travelers. 22
VEndingBoomers Neutral 50 {Narrating} Cautious after the Boomers' display of power at Hoover Dam, Caesar chose to leave the Boomers alone. 23
Neutral 50 The Boomers remained isolated but have been seen flying over the Mojave Desert from time to time. 24
VEndingBoomers Neutral 50 {Narrating} Though the Wasteland became anarchic after Hoover Dam, the Boomers' display of power dissuaded fortune seekers from attempting to penetrate Nellis. 25
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic000 Who are you? Neutral 50 Me? I'm Pete, Keeper of the Story. 26
Sad 80 I know I seem kind of young. I was the apprentice Keeper of the Story until a couple months ago, but ol' Keeper Don, well... 27
Neutral 50 Whiskey and land mines don't go together. So it's up to me. I bet you want to know everything about us! 28
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic001 I'd like to know all about your people. Neutral 50 Wonderful! I'm sure you've noticed the mural on the wall of this hut. Shall I tell you what it all means? 29
I have some questions about your people's history. Neutral 50 Ask away. 30
I'd like to know all about your people. Neutral 50 Anything else you want to know? 31
I'd like to know all about your people. Neutral 50 Other questions you want to ask? 32
I'd like to know all about your people. Neutral 50 What else I can tell you? 33
I'd like to know all about your people. Neutral 50 I wish everyone were just as interested in our story as you are! Maybe I should act out the battles or learn how to throw my voice... 34
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic003 Could you me tell the story of the mural again? Neutral 50 You want to hear it again? Of course! I did a good job the first time, huh? 35
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic004 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Goodbye. 36
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic005 Sure, I can spare the time. Neutral 50 Excellent. Imagine - you're the first outsider ever to hear our tale! <clears throat> 37
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic006 Another time, maybe. Neutral 50 If you're interested in knowing more about us, it seems like you'd be pretty amazed by the mural. Is there something else? 38
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic010 I'm surprised Nellis was empty when your people found it. Neutral 50 Several atomic warheads detonated here hundreds of years ago, leaving the base highly radioactive. 39
Neutral 50 The savages of the wastes, ignoramuses, all avoided Nellis by habit. 40
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic011 How do you survive, totally cut off from the world? Neutral 50 Nellis is a completely self-sufficient community! We draw water from Lake Mead, solar arrays provide power, and we grow our own crops! 41
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic012 Why did your ancestors leave the safety of a vault? Neutral 50 So you know about the vaults! Yes, we lived in one of those. Ours was numbered 34. 42
Neutral 50 In our vault, everyone had guns - but the overseer wouldn't let you fire off any of the really fun ones. 43
Neutral 50 I guess all the little pops and bangs at the firing ranges just got boring after a while! 44
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic013 What are howitzers doing at an Air Force Base? Neutral 50 You're right, they weren't here when we discovered Nellis! We found the guns at a huge weapon depot called Area 2, many miles from here! 45
Neutral 50 It took many weeks to drag the guns and their ammunition back to Nellis - and it was the last time any of us set foot beyond our homeland! 46
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic014 How has Nellis taught your people to fly? Neutral 50 Once we restored power, we learned that some elaborate chairs we'd been sleeping in were actually virtual reality simulators. 47
Neutral 50 We believe they were used to train combat pilots. We use them extensively. I alone have shot down over 500 Chinese Xian-85 fighters! {Xian = shee-ahn} 48
Neutral 50 Before you ask, I'm afraid there's no way you can be allowed to use the simulators. They are for our use only. Sorry. 49
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic015 How did you learn where to find an old bomber? Neutral 50 Loyal found a file somewhere on the base, with magazine articles, photographs, a map, even. 50
Neutral 50 It seems that a bomber, apparently the 29th of its kind, crashed in Lake Mead on July 21st, 1948. Just imagine - that's over 300 years ago! 51
Neutral 50 The photographs showed that it was basically intact, and the map tells us exactly where to find it. Except we haven't left Nellis in decades. 52
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic016 That's enough history for now. Neutral 50 All right. Is there something else you'd like to talk about? 53
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic017 I'm looking to make myself useful. Who needs help around here? Neutral 50 Gosh, there's a lot of folks. Argyll's our doctor - he could use help tending to any injured we got. 54
I'm looking to make myself useful. Who needs help around here? Neutral 50 Over at the workshop, Loyal and Jack are always building something - though Loyal may not be too happy to see your kind running around Nellis. 55
I'm looking to make myself useful. Who needs help around here? Neutral 50 Raquel's our Master-At-Arms. I'm sure you've met her. There was a problem with some giant ants a while ago. She might want you to look into it. 56
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic018 Your people were willing to risk it all for freedom. Neutral 50 And at Nellis, we found it. We haven't detonated any atomic warheads since before I was born, but otherwise it's do as you will! 57
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic019 Yeah, any detonation with a yield of less than a half-ton of TNT is boring. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Exactly! We haven't detonated any atomic warheads since before I was born, but besides that, to heck with nitpicky restrictions! 58
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic020 Yeah, I *love* it when I throw a grenade and it goes BANG! Neutral 50 [FAILED] Um, that's nice, but it's not really the scale of explosion that interests us... 59
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic021 You people are really crazy about blowing stuff up! Neutral 50 Keep that opinion to yourself when visiting Nellis, outsider. It makes you sound ignorant. 60
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic022 But a little radiation didn't keep your people away! Neutral 50 That's right! Our Geiger counter indicated that the base was radioactive, but not dangerously so. Enough time has passed. 61
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic023 Whereas your people had brought Geiger counters with them from the vault. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] That's exactly right! You're very knowledgeable for a sav - an outsider! 62
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic024 But your people were mutants, immune to the radiation! Neutral 50 [FAILED] Uh... no. We'd just brought devices called Geiger counters with us from the vault, that's all. The radiation levels were safe. 63
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic025 Kind of stupid, making a radioactive scrapheap your home. Neutral 50 For your information, our people had brought Geiger counters with them from the vault. The radiation levels here were within safe limits. 64
Neutral 50 Also for your information, Nellis is not a scrapheap! We repaired most of the damage here long ago. Nellis is comfy! 65
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic030 The ingenuity of your people is remarkable. Neutral 50 Thank you. Our self-sufficiency is a point of pride. 66
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic031 You must cultivate soy or legumes for protein, in addition to grains. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Indeed we do! Very impressive. 67
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic032 But where do you get protein? Oh my god! You're all *cannibals!* Neutral 50 [FAILED] We are certainly not cannibals! We're not savages, like some people! 68
Neutral 50 We supplement grains and green vegetables with soy and legumes - that's how we get our protein! 69
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic033 I guess poor nutrition could explain a lot of your behavior. Neutral 50 Our nutrition is not deficient! We supplement our diet of grains and vegetables with soy and legumes for protein. 70
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic034 Your people are a determined bunch. Neutral 50 Yes, there's just about nothing we won't do to get our hands on some explosive ordnance! 71
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic035 That howitzer battery is a monument to the grit and resolve of your people. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Thank you so much! I'll be sure to pass that on. 72
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic036 You folks would sell your souls for some artillery! You just love the stuff! Neutral 50 [FAILED] I think it would be an exaggeration to imply that our interest in explosive ordnance is at odds with our integrity... 73
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic037 Yeah, you people are coo-koo for things that go boom. Neutral 50 There's nothing wrong with our interest in explosive ordnance. It's kept the savages out. Until today, at least. 74
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic038 Of course. You wouldn't want outsiders learning to fly. Neutral 50 Thank you for being so understanding. 75
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic039 Oh, to slip the surly bonds of Earth and dance amid the soaring birds... Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] That's beautiful! Yes, it's exactly like that, so free, so... words can't do it justice. 76
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic040 Oh, to flap one's arms and plunge bird-like headlong and skybound... Neutral 50 [FAILED] Your attempt at poetry, is... uh, beautiful, certainly. But it doesn't really work like that. Flying, I mean. 77
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic041 Simulators, ha! That's a crash waiting to happen! Neutral 50 I can see how you think that, since you don't know what you're talking about. 78
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic042 I look forward to seeing the old bomber fly. Neutral 50 It'll be spectacular, won't it? You should talk to Loyal. I bet you could help. 79
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic043 You could attach ballast to the plane and then haul it here for repairs... Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Yes! In fact, that's exactly what Loyal has planned to do. You should go talk to him! 80
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic044 I guess you could start the engines underwater and hop it up onto shore... Neutral 50 [FAILED] I'm not a mechanic, but after 300 years I don't think those engines would just start up. 81
VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic045 Keep dreaming. That plane's never going to fly. Neutral 50 As I said, repairing and flying the bomber is our destiny. It's that simple. 82


VFreeformNellisPeteMural01 VFreeformNellisPeterMural01 Sad 25 Ages ago, long before I was born, we lived underground. Everyone had guns but the overseer wouldn't let us explode anything, not even a hand grenade. 83
VFreeformNellisPeteMural02 VFreeformNellisPeterMural02 Happy 25 We left and wandered the wastes. There were savages with knives. We blew them up with frag mines and grenades, burned them with flamethrowers. 84
VFreeformNellisPeteMural03 VFreeformNellisPeterMural03 Neutral 50 It was neat, but there was a downside. For every 43.6 savages we killed, we lost one of our own. We needed a new home. We needed Nellis. 85
VFreeformNellisPeteMural04 VFreeformNellisPeter04 Happy 50 Nellis, glittering like shrapnel in the desert sun. Nellis, bursting with missiles, warheads, and bombs. Nellis had waited. Just for us. 86
VFreeformNellisPeteMural05 VFreeformNellisPeteMural05 Happy 50 Here, we have prospered and multiplied. Here, our mighty guns destroy any savages who might try to harm us before they can even reach our gates! 87
VFreeformNellisPeteMural06 VFreeformNellisPeteMural06 Pained 25 Well, until... but... not saying you want to harm us or you're a savage, but... anyways. {(worried your narration has insulted the player)} 88
VFreeformNellisPeteMural07 VFreeformNellisPeteMural07 Happy 15 Nellis has revealed many secrets. It has taught us how to fly the bombers once based here. And it has taught us where to find one! 89
VFreeformNellisPeteMural08 VFreeformNellisPeteMural08 Neutral 50 And that is our story so far, for this last image is our future. 90
VFreeformNellisPeteMural09 VFreeformNellisPeteMural09 Happy 35 To restore the bomber, to fly the open skies in armored safety, raining high-explosive ordnance upon ignorant savages - this is our destiny! 91
VFreeformNellisPeteMural10 VFreeformNellisPeteMural10 Happy 50 I'm pleased that you listened to the entire story! Perhaps there are details you'd like to know more about? Let me know. 92