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This is a transcript for dialogue with Loyal.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Pearl sent word saying it's all right to tell you about the Lady in the water. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Isn't that bomber a beauty? Thanks so much for making an old man's dreams come true. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 It's going to be a dream come true once you've raised that bomber from Lake Mead! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Good work with those solar arrays. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 I hope Pearl knows what she's doing, letting you wander around Nellis as you please. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 What is it, Outsider? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {fall-through greeting, friendly} Hello, Outsider, need something? 7
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic000 You don't need anything blown up? Neutral 50 {Amused chuckle} If we need something obliterated, Raquel and the howitzer crews are more than qualified. 8
Neutral 50 No, we have more specialized issues we need help with right now. 9
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic001 I'm looking for ways to make myself useful. Neutral 50 If that's so, how about you look into repairing the solar arrays on the roof of the generator building? 10
Neutral 50 Nothing too complicated about it, but it's a long ways to walk my old bones, and there's been that ant problem over near there. 11
Neutral 50 You can't miss the array. It's on top of the generator building smack dab in the middle of Nellis between the two runways. 12
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic002 Raquel said you were working on some kind of weapon to fight the giant ants? Neutral 50 I started building a sonic emitter that might do the trick, but it's useless without knowing the exact frequency that would kill the ants. 13
<Science check to get emitter>
Any signal over 22,000 hertz at 150 or more decibels should do the trick. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Hot damn, you're right! It's a matter of boosting across those thresholds, not exact amplitude. You're smarter than you look. 14
Neutral 50 Just so happens I was testing it at 24,000 hertz, so it should be good to go. Place it near their nest and cross your fingers. 15
Neutral 50 Signal's too high for people to hear, so no harm done, but it might make you feel sick to your stomach. 16
Oh. Does it have a dial or something? Turn it up to 11! Neutral 50 [FAILED] No, it doesn't have a dial! It has to be stabilized for an exact frequency or it could shake itself apart! 17
<Speech check to get emitter>
Think of it as a field test. A trial run. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] If you're willing to take the risk, be my guest. 18
Neutral 50 I've got it set to broadcast a powerful signal at 24,000 hertz. Just place it near their nest and cross your fingers. 19
Neutral 50 Signal's too high for people to hear, so no harm done, but it might make you feel sick to your stomach. 20
Maybe tilt the... megareceiver? To 73.5 kilonewtons...? Neutral 50 [FAILED] I don't even know what the hell you're talking about. Sounds like gibberish. 21
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic005 I think I can handle a few ants without a sonic emitter. Neutral 50 I guess you'll have to use hit and run tactics, and go see Doc Argyll if you need patching up. Good luck. 22
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic006 Lady in the water? What's that? Neutral 50 A long time ago - long before the war that killed just about everything that ever lived - a bomber crashed not far from here. 23
Neutral 50 A bomber was a flying contraption that could drop explosives down on anything it flew over. But anyway, moving on... 24
Neutral 50 This bomber crashed down in Lake Mead, pretty damn near intact. When we got to Nellis, see, I found this article in a magazine all about it. 25
Neutral 50 There was another B-29 around here, part of a museum. Couldn't fly, but had a lot of spare parts, see? Get where I'm going? 26
Neutral 50 Since I was a young man, I've dreamed of raising that Lady from the lake and bringing her back to life. What do you say? 27
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic007 Where is the bomber located? Neutral 50 It's at the bottom of Lake Mead. I'll mark its location on your Pip-boy map. 28
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic008 How do you expect to raise a bomber from the bottom of a lake? Neutral 50 Simple! Attach deployable ballast to the plane and float it on up! 29
Neutral 50 Here is a remote detonator. Once the ballast is attached to the plane just hit the detonator from the shore and let buoyancy handle the rest. 30
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic009 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 All right. What's on your mind? 31
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic010 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Goodbye. 32
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic011 Where is the bomber located? Neutral 50 I told you, at the bottom of Lake Mead! I'll make sure the location is displayed on your Pip-boy map. 33
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic012 Tell me again what I need to do. Neutral 50 I wish you'd paid attention the first time! All you need to do is attach the deployable ballast to the plane. 34
Neutral 50 Some of my robots will carry a remote activation station out to the shore. Attach the ballast, hit a button, and they'll handle the rest. 35
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic013 Your plan worked. The plane floated up. Seemed to be intact. Neutral 50 That's tremendous! I'll transmit instructions to the robots to start packing up the plane to bring it back to Nellis! 36
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic016 I repaired the solar arrays and increased their efficiency. Neutral 50 An impressive piece of work. I'll keep that in mind if jobs come up in the future. 37
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic017 Where should I look for spare parts? Neutral 50 Ha! If we had spare parts, do you think I'd be asking you to fix the damn things? That's rich. 38
Neutral 50 No, we ran out of spares a while back, and Jack and I have been doing our best to patch the arrays up as best we can. Sadly, we're at our wit's end. 39
Neutral 50 There have to be spare parts somewhere around the wasteland, but I just don't know where to direct you. You may have noticed we don't get out much. 40
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic018 Maybe another time. Goodbye. Neutral 50 Did I misunderstand what Pearl said? All right. Goodbye. 41
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic019 That sounds really creepy, Loyal. Neutral 50 Ain't nothing creepy about it. It's a term of respect! 42
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic020 That sounds impossible. Neutral 50 I know it does, but I tell you, it ain't! I've worked it out so it's simple! 43
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic021 If it's so simple, why haven't you done it? Neutral 50 Maybe you don't understand. Hasn't been one of us, not a one, to set a foot outside Nellis in over fifty years. 44
Neutral 50 You come along, with your knowledge of the outside, and it seems the time's come to raise the Lady after all. 45
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic022 All right. I'm game. Neutral 50 Good. Here's the deployable ballast. Go find the plane, attach the ballast, and hit the button! 46
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic023 That's just about the stupidest idea I ever heard. Neutral 50 No, it's not. It's the smartest idea you ever heard, but you're too stupid to know it! 47
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic024 Funny you should mention that, I have array parts right here. Neutral 50 Hey, that's great! You shouldn't have much trouble getting those fixed up, then. Just stop back when you're done. 48
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic025 Any ideas how to get to the bottom of Lake Mead without drowning? Neutral 50 Might try holding your breath. If that doesn't sound good enough, talk to Jack. He was working on a rebreather once. 49
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic026 I passed through a place called Helios One. Maybe I could find parts there. Neutral 50 Are you talking about that damn bright light we've seen blast off to the south occasionally? I was wondering what the hell that was. 50
Neutral 50 If they've got the parts, bring them on back. We need to get the array back up and charging. 51
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic027 I fixed the arrays and improved their efficiency a bit too. Neutral 50 Well, how about that! I'll have to check out your handywork. 52
Neutral 50 And here I thought we had them running as best we could before they broke down again. Thanks for getting those sorted for me. 53
I repaired the solar arrays. Neutral 50 Well, how about that! Turns out you aren't completely useless, working with your hands. 54
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic028 I'll be back. I've got work to do. Neutral 50 Be sure to stop on back and let me know when the arrays are fixed. 55
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic029 Can I get a code to use the VR pods in the mess hall? Neutral 50 No. Those aren't for outsiders to use. Leave them alone. 56
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic031 Okay, I was just curious. Neutral 50 Anything else you need? I've got work to do. 57
I'm genuinely interested in your people's history. What are the pods for? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Well, if you genuinely care so much, they're flight simulators. If you don't know our history yet, you should see Pete and get the tour. 58
Neutral 50 We dream to one day rule the skies. 59
I'm genuinely interested in your people's history. What are the pods for? Neutral 50 [FAILED] Talk to Pete if you're so curious. 60
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic033 How exactly do you plan to get the plane back here? Neutral 50 I just told you, the robots are going to handle it. They'll break the plane down into pieces and move it up from Callville Bay in one shot. 61
VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic034 Glad to have helped. Neutral 50 Hey, I better get rolling. Jack and I have a lot of work ahead of us! 62
Are you planning to use diversionary tactics to draw their attention? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Exactly. We'll be shelling an unoccupied location in Outer Vegas to get their attention elsewhere. 63
Neutral 50 By the time they realize they aren't under attack, the plane and the bots will be long gone. 64
Neutral 50 The kids wish we were shelling a real target, but Pearl thinks it wise to not start up a war just as the lady has risen. 65
But won't that attract the attention of the NCR? Neutral 50 [FAILED] We've got that covered. They won't be a problem. 66
Neutral 50 Let's just say they'll be a little distracted for a while. 67