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Oh, are you a licensed medical professional? Even if you are, it's pretty rude to make sudden unwarranted diagnoses of people you just met.— Nellie, when called a sociopath.

Nellie Wright is a researcher recruited for Edgar Blackburn's research on the Forced Evolutionary Virus.


A prodigy of sorts, Nellie met Farha when she broke through Farha's window while searching for scraps, as a wastelander trying to survive. Nellie was interested in Farha's research so Farha took her in and taught her.[1]

Nellie was brought in by Farha to assist Edgar Blackburn's research on the Forced Evolutionary Virus, convinced of the need to adapt the human race for the hostile conditions of the wasteland. Her enthusiastic support of Blackburn's ideas convinced Farha to acquiesce to Blackburn's request for aid, and Farha could not talk Nellie out of it. Nellie also worked alongside Jain.

When caught by the Brotherhood of Steel, unlike Farha, Nellie exhibits little to no remorse and tries to justify her actions for working on the project, often smiling at the Vault Dweller during their conversation. She claims she would not mind being kidnapped and experimented on for their project, claiming other kidnappers do far worse than their group.[2] Nellie also defends herself with her age, saying she is too young to die. Nellie also has a knife on her and when asked to hand over her arms, Nellie tries to play dumb and does not hand it over.[3]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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The Catalyst

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The Catalyst: Nellie and her team may be spared or killed depending on the Vault Dweller's influence.

  • If the Vault Dweller decides to execute their group, Jain and Farha cower in fear as Nellie tries to kill Daniel Shin with a knife. Shin is marked as essential, Nellie and her team are killed.
  • If her life was spared in The Catalyst, she can be found in Fort Atlas. She says she would tell the Vault Dweller what she's working on, but they would not be able to understand. She bets that they can't recite Pi to a thousand digit. She is annoyed because the Brotherhood has too many restrictions, wondering how she can accomplish anything. She also says, "Nothing to see here, except the coolest science you've ever seen."


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Lab coat Cultist dagger Cultist dagger

Notable quotes[]


Nellie Wright appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Reign update.



  1. Doctor Farha: "I met Nellie when she broke through my window to search for scraps. As Wasteland survivors do. She was more interested in my research notes than my leftovers. So I took her in and taught her what I know."
    (Doctor Farha's dialogue)
  2. Nellie Wright: "To improve the human race. If I was kidnapped for our experiments, I wouldn't mind. Most kidnappers do much worse."
    (Nellie Wright's dialogue)
  3. Nellie Wright: "I, uh, I don't have any arms. Well, unless you mean human arms, because I've got two of those. But they're mine. You can't have 'em."
    (Nellie Wright's dialogue)
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