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Neil Kaplan is an actor who voiced Biv and Marcus in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia. He also voiced Dr. Emerson Hale, Derrick Taylor, Hubert, and Lev, as well as male raiders and Blood Eagles in Wastelanders.


Fallout seriesEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2019Wild AppalachiaBiv
2020WastelandersDr. Emerson Hale
Derrick Taylor
Raiders (male)
Blood Eagles (male, intercom)

Other workEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
1996-97Big Bad BeetleborgsHornix / Witch Doctor / Porkasaurus / Various
1998Twisted Metal IIIAxel
1999Power Rangers Lost GalaxyDestruxo / Mutantrum
1999Reign: The ConquerorIbn
2000Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage RanAdditional Voices
2000Power Rangers Lightspeed RescueDiabolico
2000-03Digimon: Digital MonstersHawkmon / Aquilamon / Halsemon / Various
2001Transformers: Robots in DisguiseOptimus Prime
2002Muhammad: The Last ProphetAmr Ibn Alas
2003Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicDarth Bandon / Bendak Starkiller / Holdan / Various
2004EverQuest IIGeneric Male Barbarian Merchant / Generic Male Dark Elf Merchant / Generic Male Dwarf Merchant / Various
2005-12BleachGenryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto / Zommari Rureaux / Dordonii Alessandro Del Socacchio / Various
2006-16NarutoKiyoyasu / Star Village Ninja
2007Spider-Man 3Kraven
2008Ninja Gaiden IIGenshin
2009League of LegendsAurelion Sol
2009-16Naruto: ShippudenMadara Uchiha / Third Raikage
2010StarCraft II: Wings of LibertyTychus Findlay / Reaper / Additional Voices
2011Star Wars: The Old RepublicSkadge / Additional Voices
2012Guild Wars 2Jogrun / Quron Quakesmasher / Toxim Taskfire / Various
2013BioShock InfiniteThursday Warren / John Hammond / Ezekiel Price / Various
2014The Elder Scrolls OnlineAdditional Voices
2014Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorNemesis Orcs / Humans
2015Lupin IIIRobson Zuccoli
2016Final Fantasy XVDustin Ackers / Additional Voices
2016-18Voltron: Legendary DefenderEmperor Zarkon / Galra Guard / Officer Sablan / Various
2017Destiny 2Dominus Ghaul
2018Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin VI - Rise of the Red CometDozle Zabi
2019The Elder Scrolls: BladesAdditional Voices
2020Great PretenderLewis Mueller
2020Mafia: Definitive EditionAdditional Voices
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